Baby S’s 6 month update 

A few days before Christmas, baby S turned 6 months old!

The health visitor came to see him that day and it was the first time we’d seen her for months as I’d not bothered getting him weighed etc.
He weighs just shy of 15lb and it was no surprise that he’d dropped down to the 2nd percentile in terms of weight. No surprise because the few weeks prior, he’s dropped his day feeds to just taking a couple of ounces at a time…. co-incided with teething so I’m not worried about it!


As we’re talking about teething… he has his 2 bottom teeth! (He coped with it pretty well)
Still not rolling over…. the health visitor asked if he was crawling yet… I think I did a double take!


We started weaning about a week before his 6 month birthday…. he was definitely ready, grabbing our food and putting it in his mouth whenever he got the chance!

We’re doing mostly BLW again…. because of his weight he HV suggested trying purées too so I have tried him a bit with that but I find it no fun compared to BLW! So I’ve been putting the purée on rice cakes etc for him instead.

After just a few weeks of BLW he can now hold his own bottle of milk, so I do think BLW helps with hand/eye co-ordination.
I’ll blog more about our weaning journey in the new year, but until then… we’ve got off to a good start!

Still no sleep…
I was really hoping he’d be close to sleeping through by now but he still wakes about 9-10pm for a feed then again at 2-3am but quite often before and after that too!

He usually co-sleeps with me now.
The HV suggested he’s a bit hooked on milk for sleep and that we need to break that habit. I know she’s right, but on the other hand because his weight is so low I’ve been happy to keep it up as he drinks more in the night than the day so I’d be worried to cut it completely!
Hopefully weaning will help fill him up a bit so we’ll see how the next few weeks but after that I will be looking to improve our sleep situation!

Mood etc (his, not mine!)

After a couple of really good months and a happy, smiley baby, he’s been a little more unsettled over the last month. Not too bad and mostly down to the teething I think.

What we’ve been up to

It’s been a busy month, he’s met Santa a couple of times at baby/toddler groups/parties and our local garden centre. We had afternoon tea with Facebook group friends and we finished our Totsplay baby development course.

He has his first sleepover and second holiday to look forward to in the next month 🙂
See how he compares to his big brother in W’s 6 month update 

2 thoughts on “Baby S’s 6 month update ”

  1. I love the glorious milestone moments. My SIL records all of hers in a little book (sh’s so organised she has a dedicated pen for the book). I’m more of a photo person. A quick snap and then I spend hours transforming them into artistic wall displays. 🙂


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