Toddler W’s build-up to Christmas… his first ‘proper’ Christmas!

This year feels like W’s first proper Christmas. He seems to ‘get it’, he’s excited, he’s hyper!
Over the last few weeks he’s met Santa a few times already, first at Cardiff Bay’s Santa’s Post Office, then at various baby and toddler parties. This week we took him to see Santa in the magical North Pole at Pugh’s garden centre, which was fab!

My mum made him an advent calendar which has been a fun addition to the daily routine this month. I had to source very small items which proved a tricky but rewarding challenge… he’s over the moon with his 4 frogs and 4 ‘crusher’* cars (*he thinks they’re from ‘Blaze and the monster machines’!) and some days he just had stickers in there. Proof that you don’t need to spend much on toddlers.

Some of the advent calendar gifts


Having said that, our main present cost £35 and is the Paw Patrol look-out tower. His main present from Santa is a v-tech train set (£15 from Wilko’s… bargain!) because that’s all he kept asking Santa for… although now of course he keeps saying he’s asked him for cars!!

He has some great stocking fillers from Santa too… mostly bought from Tiger for a few quid like finger dinosaurs and goo! When I started Christmas shopping I bought him some great value paint, play dough and craft sets but I’m going to save these for a rainy day… he’s going to have so many things to open on the big day as it is!

I really don’t want our boys growing up spoilt but I can see how easy it is to get carried away spoiling them!

One thing I’m feeling really guilty about is that although I’ve taught him all about Santa and he’s seen him everywhere, I haven’t explained why we celebrate Christmas.

I’m not very religious but it feels really hypocritical of me to celebrate Christmas without acknowledging Jesus and the nativity story. I realised it’s quite ironic that I’m happy to teach him all about one big red fictional character but not another!

I guess these days most people in Britain celebrate Christmas as an annual family celebration – a time to spend time together, spoil each other, relax. But it’s sad that the original meaning behind it has gotten a bit lost. My dad always went to chapel on Christmas morning and I managed to avoid it most years. A few years on and off I did go carol singing with him and the other church members… happy memories!

As the boys get older I’d like to get involved in something more meaningful at Christmas like making sure we always give to the less needy. But for now I guess I can let it be about them!

This afternoon I’m going to present them with their Christmas Eve box. I’ve no idea where this tradition came from or how long it’s been going (wasn’t around in my day!!) but I do like the idea…

I bought the personalised box from a local lady. The boys have new PJs to wear tonight. My MIL bought them a plate for Santa’s mince pie, and we have some reindeer food. The rest of the box is made up of Christmassy gifts (rattle, comforter, bib for Sam, books for both) that W was given the last 2 Christmases… he won’t remember!

I’ll put the Christmas stockings in there too and explain what’s going to happen tonight…

Tomorrow W has a gazillion presents to open from family and friends, he’s going to have a whale of a time! It’s been a lovely few weeks build-up seeing him get so excited, I’m a very lucky mummy!

Nadolig llawen I chi gyd, merry Christmas to you all! Xxx

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