Last-minute Christmas and birthday gift buying for children – with Wicked Uncle 

If you’re a last-minute Minnie like me who never knows what presents to buy for kids older than her own then you’re in luck as there’s a website just for you!!

The guys at Wickeduncle asked me to try them out and I’m so glad!

As you can see, straight away you choose who the present is for – what age they are and away you go….

Wicked uncle choices
You can filter by categories e.g. Outdoor, sensory, creative and sort by price.

I decided to use it to get my boys some extra Christmas presents. Bath toys were still on my list so I was delighted to see this Juliet Donaldson bath book come up. We love all her books and had no idea you could get it in a bath book version… I think both boys will love this!

Katie the kitten bath book

Then I saw this polar bear bath toy and thought it looked fab, not seen it before… I had to have it and again I think both boys will enjoy that!

Polar bear bath toy

And finally for W I chose some kinetic sand. I’ve heard of this before but not really come across it anywhere so when it came up as a gift idea I thought why not?! I’ve already bought him a paint set and a craft set so we’re in for lots of fun on rainy days now!

Kinetic sand

The WickedUncle website was SO easy to use. I found the amount of choice just about right – not overwhelming but something for everyone and a nice change from the same old toys I seem to see in every shop/supermarket. I think I’ll find it really useful for buying for friend’s children who are a bit older – I often get stuck not knowing what they’re into etc.

It has a couple of other nice touches too:

  • For a couple of quid extra you can get it gift wrapped and sent directly to the child, with a birthday/Christmas card
  • Delivery is quick – mine turned up the next working day, so perfect for any last-minute panic buying! (Obviously check their delivery dates for Christmas!!)
  • I think they send email reminders so you’ll never forget any children’s birthdays again 😉

I hope you found this useful – give it a whirl and see what gift ideas it suggests for you!

Disclosure: I was given a voucher code to put towards these gifts. Opinions are my own!

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4 thoughts on “Last-minute Christmas and birthday gift buying for children – with Wicked Uncle ”

  1. We reviewed Wicked Uncle last year and still use it now. I love that they have great gift ideas that you can’t find elsewhere.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x


  2. Wicked Uncle is brilliant isn’t it! So useful for when you just don’t know what to buy, or even if you just need a bit of inspiration to see what’s out there. x #KCACOLS


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