What to buy a 6 month old for Christmas? Gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas!

Baby S will turn 6 months old just before Christmas. You might think I’m mean, but I’m not going to spend much money on him… I’d rather keep it back for when he’s older!
He has all the clothes, toys and books he needs from his hand-me-downs from big brother W! For W’s first Christmas 2 years ago we bought him small toys like stacking cups, sensory balls and sensory books. So it means we’ve struggled to think of anything S really needs…

What to buy a 6 month old for Christmas

So far all we’ve bought S is:

– a bubble machine (a fishy one from Early learning centre, he loves it in our weekly Totsplay class)

Hello Zoo book (one of the few ‘classic’ books we don’t have!)

– a foil blanket for sensory play – only about £2 from Amazon!

– and we still want to get him some bath toys and maybe some sensory toys e.g. Fluffy feathers, if I see any

I have a few babies to buy presents for this year and even though I’m not getting any of these for my little one, I do LOVE all the ‘baby’s first christmas‘ stuff – every shop (and websites like notonthe highstreet) seems to have a range of this from baubles to stockings to clothes to teddy’s… so cute and I think they’d be so handy for photoshoots too!

And in case you didn’t see some of my recent reviews, I’ve tried out some fab presents for babies which I might treat some friends to:

Portmeirion dining sets – Peppa pig (£22) or Hungry Little Caterpillar (£27) sets for them to use when they’re older but treasure forever!

Portmeirion hungry little caterpillar dining set
Silver cross sleeping bag (c£30) we’ve been using this since I wrote about it and can confirm it’s very functional and washes well as well as looking amazing. It’s nice to buy something a bit luxurious (but good value!) as a lovely treat… like buying something from The White Company instead of your local supermarket! These cost the same as Gro bags but seem much more plush!

Silver cross sleeping bag

Child’s farm baby set and/or oil – again another nice treat and a change from all the usual toiletries – they sell lovely sets for babies but I recommend the coconut oil spray…. such a lush gift that babies and parents will equally love!

What will you be buying baby for Christmas?! Will you be going mad or keeping it simple?! 

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4 thoughts on “What to buy a 6 month old for Christmas? Gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas!”

  1. The dining set is gorgeous. My baby was 10 months old last year and I think I only bought her clothes and one present. Thanks for linking up to Christmas GIft Guide Linky


  2. My baby will be 2 months by Christmas I got him a few things but it was more or less stuff he needed like a bath tub because his newborn one is to small a playmat, a jumperoo, and some sensory toys and a couple more of his favorite pacifiers so that if we lose one were good…a bunch of it was from a consignment store so I’ve only spent $25 USD


  3. Oooh there are some fab ideas in here – that sleep bag is GORGEOUS. Like you, we’re not going mad. I’ve decided that I’m going to wrap up some of Pickle’s favourite toys so that when he opens them, he’ll recognise them! I thought that would be more fun than opening things he’s not seen before.


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