Planting Miffy’s very special tulips 

I’ve loved Miffy since I was a little girl so I jumped at the chance to plant some Miffy tulips when they asked me…

Miffy's tulips
Why are they so special? Well they’re the very same colour red as features in the Miffy book… and it’s taken 15 years of cross-fertilising and cultivating to get to that perfect red!

Another reason they’re so special is that only 2,500 exist – and I have 5 of them – how cool is that!?? If you want to see them you can see them between 23rd March and 21st May at the Keukenhof gardens in Holland where they also have a Miffy garden. This place looks amazing, would love to visit one day! They’re hoping that these bulbs will be available to buy next year – fingers crossed, as they’d make a lovely gift.

For now, I’ll have to make do with these ones… I got toddler W to help me plant them in a pot as a Christmas present for a special relative who loves tulips 🙂 He enjoyed helping but I’m not sure he quite gets the concept of it all yet!

I’m becoming a dab hand at gardening but have never planted tulips before so wish me luck for a Miffy-tastic red spring bloom 🙂

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