Review of the year 2017… and looking forward to 2018

Happy new year!

I’m looking forward to this one!

2017 felt a bit relentless. After a year of maternity leave, I went back to work in June but started a new role, in a new department. Then about a month later we moved into our new forever home… which we then turned into a building site for the latter part of the year…

My OH was unable to take the 6 month career break he hoped to, so we muddled childcare from family members while juggling jobs and our boys, and while he project managed the house extension etc.

All very #firstworldproblems I know!

But life just seemed to pass us by a bit. Before we knew it, W had done his first term in school which ended in his first Christmas concert. And finally S started walking so became a fully-fledged toddler!

We had a week in Center Parcs in January then no other holidays other than a weekend to Bluestone with friends and a weekend to Chepstow with friends. I did manage a child-free break in Marrakesh and oh my god it was just amazing!

Oh yeah back to the relentless bit… since we moved house in July and W moved into a proper bed, he’s pretty much spent every night sleeping in our bed, waking us up at some point between 11 and 5 every night. S has been a terrible sleeper during the same period, waking once or twice a night on average.

So I started this great new job and I’ve turned up for work every day on broken sleep… I wish they could see me at the top of my game!! Sleep is one our basic human needs and my god don’t I know it!

Happy new year!

So bring on 2018!:

  • OH is finally starting his 6 month career break to look after S and do W’s school runs
  • Hopefully that will re-adjust/improve our domestic life, sleep etc
  • The kitchen/diner/extension should be finished in Jan, again much-improving our home life
  • We’re about to book a week in Spain for late Jan, and already got a hen do in Edinburgh and a girls’ night in London to look forward to
  • I will get fit! (I’ve been saying this for 5 years now!!)
  • I will see more of friends. I feel like this has suffered due to craziness of last year
  • More quality time with OH and the boys.. again, without the house project hanging over us!
  • All of the above should lead to a much-improved mental state which I feel has been suffering this year

The blog has suffered this year, traffic grew by about 10% but mostly due to the same top 5 posts as last year. I probably managed to write about 20 posts this year. I’d like to blog more in 2018 but realistically it’s always going to be at the bottom of my list! And I have a big list!

So, onwards and upwards.. here’s to lots of family and friends fun in 2018! Wishing you all good health and happiness!

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