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Real birth stories from bloggers…

#1daytogo and I’ve spent the last week swotting up on labour, trying to be as mentally prepared as I can be – reading the books that relax me when I panic about it, and also birth stories online….. I wanted to share some of the really useful birth story blog posts I’ve read over the last weeks from the blogging community- hopefully there’s something for everyone in here for other mums-to-be…..

Key things I’ve learned for labour: stay relaxed as much as possible, and don’t worry too much about a plan – so many of these stories did not go to plan e.g. wanting an epidural but not having enough time…. but the most important thing is that all were delivered beautiful, healthy babies and that’s the most important thing ever right? It doesn’t matter how they arrived….

Thank you everyone below for sharing your stories and relaxing, educating and inspiring me – I can do this!

Hospital hypnobirth

This was one of my faves as similarly to Lucy, I am hoping for as natural birth as possible but due to high blood pressure (in my case) need to be consultant-led as opposed to midwife-led but Lucy showed it’s still possible to hypnobirth in a medical environment, following an induction and several laps of the hospital (I’ve read a lot that staying active in labour is good!)

Avoiding fear

Another hypnobirthing-inspired post – the key point here is that ‘fear induces pain and relaxation is the key to a calm birthing experience’ so in the run-up to labour… avoid negative stories! (‘ve not done that  – I’m still doing the opposite and reading EVERYTHING so I feel prepared!)

Natural birth

This one’s a great read – a natural birth story and very well-written, I love the bits of humour like exercising for 20 minutes in the early stages, having to nearly fight to get the lift/elevator up to the hospital ward and the ‘parting of the people’ as Valerie had a full on contraction entering the ward.

Valerie was also kind enough to point me towards this site which has hundreds of birth stories but I haven’t had a chance to read these yet….

Hypnobirthing, gas and air, and pethidine

Another really interesting one – Jess used hypnobirthing techniques early on (and a couple of hospital trips!) but didn’t dilate quickly enough – pethidine got her from 1cm to 9cm very quickly, interesting that the baby’s heart rate dropped but she was oblivious as she was trying to focus – I’ve read this in a couple of birth stories  (e.g. in Lucy’s above they were getting ready to intervene too) and I think it’s nice to know that midwives and medical teams don’t panic mums-to-be with telling them too much about what’s going on! (although not so nice when they tell them that the ‘ring sting’ is just about to happen!)

Induction – gas and air – diamorphine

I found this post really useful to read a lot more about what it’s like to be induced – and how long it takes, I was surprised by that so I’m not surprised diamorphine is offered as an option to get some rest-eye before getting baby out 🙂

Twin birth: C-section

Emily had a C-section for her twins, it was really useful to read about C-sections in case I end up needing one but I actually found this story most useful for 2 key reasons:

– I’m due at the same hospital Emily was due to go to, but she had to be transferred elsewhere (so worth bearing in mind that this can and does happen!)

-think carefully about who and how many people you want to visit you straight after birth as Emily found when she, her partner and twins learnt when they were having an emotionally stressful time


Claire had a very straightforward C-section but a day or so after had a scary event with blood loss which I’d not heard much about so it was very handy to read about it in case the same thing happens to me.

Induction – getting waters broken – lots of hanging around – epidural – C-section

A long read but worthwhile – Laura had a C-section after a very long couple of days including having an epidural… and lots of hanging around – it was really crazy for me to read how long all of this can take especially waiting for the theatre to be free!

Gas & air, epidural and ventouse

Emily got off to a slow start, when things got moving gas and air and epidural helped and in the end her baby was  helped out with ventouse after a pretty exhausting experience!

Emergency C-section, 6 weeks early

Gemma had pre-eclampsia (which they’re worried about me getting) and so had a tough few days before (and after) an emergency C-section, 6 weeks before due date!

If you have a birth story you’d like to share please add them with a short description in the comments below, thank you!

Updatedhere’s my birth story – I was induced, gave birth with gas and air but then needed an epidural for stitches afterwards. I tried to use as many of the natural/relaxing techniques as I could….

Some lighter reading for mums-to-be from me:

Brilliant blog posts on

27 thoughts on “Birth stories round-up”

  1. This is a fantastic idea for a post!! Thank you for including my story (and it certainly was humorous, very much like a sitcom…LOL) 😉 Let me know if I can help you in any way, hon!


  2. Brilliant idea for first time Mums. If I could add one thing, its keep calm…getting the head out is the worst bit, after that its nearly all done and you’ll be about to meet the love of your life. Its the most amazing thing!


      1. Easier said than done, I panicked a bit when it was time to push – very odd feeling of needing the loo and not being able to stop *blushes* but just try to breathe and remember it will all soon be over!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope everything goes well, one main thing is to go in without expectations, anything can happen (in a good way!) x


  4. Good luck lovely, great to be prepared for anything and everything or at least read about it-hope all goes well x Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts


  5. Both my births were long and traumatic and both ended in a C Section. My second child was the worst….the whole episode from start to finish, no beds available so was sent away 5 times, pushed me to go for a natural birth even though my first was a C Section……made me go even longer than my first, epidural didn’t even work by that stage, whipped in for another c section…stuck on the operating table for ages as they thought they had accidentally cut my bladder. After the birth i then developed an allergic reaction to the large dressing covering my stitches….they literally had to slowly rip it off, taking half my skin with it…so not only was i dealing with the pain of another c-section but also open wounds from the dressing. To add to the distress they then discharged me pretty much the next day, as they were short of beds, bearing in mind the mess my stomach was in, they literally piled all my belongings into his crib and pushed me to another room for collection!!!!!!!! …….it took nearly 7 months for my wound to close up, i had a massive infection in the wound and also where the dressings had been taken off….i was having weekly wound care to try and close it up….it was a nightmare…….but i have to say even after all that….it was worth it, i have 2 amazing boys and they were well worth all that pain!!


  6. Im going to sit and read these today as I am currently expecting our second. I found it very useful to speak to one of the midwives from the hospital I gave birth at over 2 and a half years ago! She made me understand why my birth was so complicated and went through all my notes with me. I won’t bore you with the details but always ask for a debrief afterwards, its so useful and you can even ask for one years down the line as well like I did. You are right about not having a set plan. Better to go in with an idea of what you would like and an open mind so to avoid any disappointment. I’m so glad I did that because I think i’d have fallen to pieces with mine. The debrief has given me closure with my first birth and helped me to move on for the second. Good luck : )


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