Celebrating World Book Day #ShareaStory #ad

I was a bookworm when I was a child. I always loved books. My dad was a book editor, our house was full of books and I think it’s in my blood. I remember feeling delighted when my parents told me that I’d fallen asleep with a book in my hand!

Thinking back to my childhood, I loved Roald Dahl so much. I loved all his books but if I had to pick one it would have to be Matilda as I think I identified with her, being a bit of an outsider and a fellow bookworm!

My love of books stayed with me through my teens… we’d go on a day trip somewhere, I’d pick up the latest ‘babysitters club’ and I would have read it by the time I got home!

I’ve done my best to pass my love of books on to the boys.

From when they were both just a few months old, reading a story has always been an integral part of their bedtime routine so we’ve now been reading stories every night for nearly five years!!

The boys have 3 book units heaving with books! It’s funny how we go through phases of favourites etc… S’s are currently Monkey Puzzle, Otto the book bear and Ben and Betsan. He likes talking through the stories pointing things out like ‘double decker house’ and ‘car there’ or making animal noises.

Our family favourites usually involve Julia Donaldson as the author… we love all her books and think we must have nearly all of them by now!

W’a favourites change by the day and since the new year he’s also had reading homework… a new book to read at home every week with short Welsh sentences like ‘the cat is on the roof’. He enjoys reading… and getting things right! So it’s a pleasure doing his reading homework with him.

Today he celebrated his first ‘World Book Day’ in school. He wanted to go as PJ Mask’s Catboy but I explained he needed to re-think as we didn’t actually have a PJ Masks book… I wanted to stay true to the spirit of World Book Day!

So he went in his dinosaur clothes, in tribute to one of his favourite dinosaur books (he has many!) ‘deg deinosor bach/ten little dinosaurs’

Long live our daily storytime… it’s usually my favourite part of the day! Happy World Book day to you all!

Disclosure: I was sent a pack of books for The Welsh Books Council in exchange for promoting World Book Day and #shareastory

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