Bluestone: what’s new for families with toddlers for 2017?

We just had an AMAZING weekend in Bluestone. It was our fourth holiday there, and our first holiday with another family….. and the sun shone all weekend…. we couldn’t have picked a better weekend weather-wise!

Bluestone lake
I just wanted to share some new things with you….

A new outdoor play area

I thought the existing play area was already good enough (previously mentioned here) but the day we got there they had just opened a brand spanking new one!

Bluestone play area
It’s right in the village square, outside the coffee shop and pub, a lovely open space with benches for parents to sit on. The flooring is fall-friendly and most of the equipment is wooden and seems like really high quality. It’s bright, colourful and playful…. and perfect for imaginative minds…. W loved ‘driving’ the boat and spotting whales etc 😉

Foxes, fairies and other magical things 

I mentioned the lovely nature trail after our last visit. Since then, they have added two giant foxes to the entrance, a fairy village built into the woods and a lovely magical area of small mirrors that glisten in the sun. Really lovely and W wanted to keep seeing the fairy houses!

Bluestone fairy village
There was also lots of creatures like snails and beetles that were for a light show thingy, which we didn’t see as it was a bit late for our boys, I think that finishes this week.

The Oak tree restaurant 

We usually go to the Farmhouse grill, and I think the Oak tree used to be the posh place to go…. but it’s now a family-friendly restaurant serving pizza and pasta. We had a combination of both on Mother’s Day and everything was delicious…. as was this beer!

I wish I’d taken note of the manager and waitress’s names but both were really friendly and helpful, and made a great effort chatting to W!
Smuggler’s cove pub and play area, Amroth

Ok this one’s not strictly in Bluestone…. but on our way there we wanted to stop for lunch somewhere and a friend had recommended this place.

I’m so glad she did, it has a really lovely play area (all boat and pirate-themed), good food and service… and it’s right on a lovely pebble beach. I was too busy enjoying it to take photos apart from this one from the beach….

Amroth beach
Even though you can use the Bluestone facilities before you check-in to your accommodation, this could be a good alternative? This is their Facebook page

Ah what a wonderful weekend! Here’s a sunset we caught….

Sunset at Bluestone
Have you been to Bluestone before? What do you think of these new additions?

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Disclosure: unlike most other blogger reviews, we paid in full for our holiday there but I love it so much that I always want to share it with you… and hopefully the lovely people at Bluestone will one day offer me a free break there to say thanks 😉

One thought on “Bluestone: what’s new for families with toddlers for 2017?”

  1. I’ve heard so much about Bluestone (I’m one of those bloggers who always hope they’ll be picked for a complimentary trip!) but as yet haven’t had the pleasure of going. Honestly, I have this thing about holidaying in the UK that I need to get over – it’s just sometimes it works out so expensive, a trip to the continent seems a better option. Maybe Bluestone would convince me otherwise, the fact you’ve been so many times has me thinking there must be something to this!!

    It’s fabulous how you’ve listed all the new attractions. The playgrounds sound like an ace way to keep the little ones entertained and the restaurant sounds super friendly. Going to read through your other Bluestone posts xx


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