Bluestone: Our first holiday as a family of four and 5 more things for toddlers to do there!

We had our first holiday as a family of four to Bluestone a couple of weeks ago, it’s the third time we’ve been and we love it…. especially toddler W!

Sunset from our lodge

He spent most mornings with his dad swimming in the blue lagoon while I chilled out in the lodge with baby S but we had plenty of memorable family moments together including hiring a golf buggy there for the first time (or ‘boogie’ as W liked to call it!), the boys sharing a bath together for the first time… and my car breaking down on the way home (thank god we took both cars, and thank god I have breakdown cover with my bank account!)

Even baby S enjoyed a couple of swims in the blue lagoon, and REALLY enjoyed the baby sensory class there – that was the first class I’ve taken him to and it was lovely to spend an hour of ‘quality time’ with him – and he fell asleep on me after, he never does that!

We did some of our favourite things from our list of what toddlers get up to at bluestone but here’s 5 more things toddlers might love there….

1 – the nature trail – for the first time, we walked the trail between the village lake and camp smoky. At W’s age this was perfect as he kept finding things like ‘stick man’ and a butterfly, and a stream to throw stones in – a lovely walk!

2 – catch a show. This is new since last time we went… there is a ‘woody wild show’ on pretty much every day. We didn’t actually make it to any of these because of the timings but instead went to a ‘Fangtasia – once upon a time’ show.

It was fab, it’s the first show we’ve taken W to and I didn’t know if it would hold his attention for an hour but it did! Every time I thought he was getting bored there’d be an activity e.g. Dancing, collecting things etc. The characters looked amazing as did the effects, W loved it and laughed a lot, it was a really nice hour of W and mummy time.

Fangtasia show at bluestone
Show time!

3 – messy play
– since we came last time they have a newly refurbished room for messy play. As well as messy play being much fun anyway (W loved ‘making cakes for mamma’ out of flour) they also do face painting (W was a bit shy for this but got his arm painted!) and you get to meet Shelby snail!!!

W’s first body art!


4 – folly farm and zoo – this is only about a 10 minute drive away from Bluestone and it’s fab. Both times we’ve been it’s been off-peak and very quiet but I can imagine it being crazy in the summer hols! Lots of indoor and outdoor areas to play, and W loved seeing the Penguins, flamingos (! As we’d just been learning that word from one of his books!), giraffes and meerkats.

Who needs real animals in a zoo?!


5 – the outdoor play area in the village – I forgot to mention this last time but there’s a great play area right in the middle of the village – especially handy for burning time while you wait for a table at the farmhouse grill!

We’ve already booked our next trip to Bluestone in March – our first weekend away with another family – this should be fun!

Disclosure: we paid in full for our week in Bluestone and opinions are my own – wasn’t asked to write about it!

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