How much does a baby cost in the first six months?

As we’ve hit the 6 month mark and I start preparing to go back to work, it’s got me thinking about money – I haven’t been totting up how much we’ve spent on baby W as we go so though I’d try and remember it all and probably give myself a heart attack in the process…


Cot bed – Mothercare summer oak – £160

Chest of drawers/changing unit – Mothercare Summer Oak – £200

Mattresses – £100 (1 for cot bed, 1 for moses basket)

Bedding – £20? (1 set for cot bed, 1 set for moses basket)

Wall stickers – £40

Lamp – £20


Gro bags – £40

Ewan the dream sheep – £40

Tranquil Turtle sleep aid – £40

Angelcare monitor – £80 (this is one of the worst decisions I made, hardly used it and now W rolls around rendering the sensor mat pointless!)


Bath, duck thermometer, sponge support, sponges – £40?

Hiding in the fisherprice jungle play gym!
Hiding in the fisherprice jungle play gym!


Fisherprice Woody friends bouncer – £30

Fisherprice rainforest playgym – £40

Fisherprice rainforest jumperoo – £70

Some Lamaze toys – £20

Snug chair – £30

Changing equipment

Changing bag – £30

Changing mat – £5

Nappies – now I reckon on average we got through a box of Pampers every month – we used more at the start when we were changing nappies every half hour, but we now only change his nappy a couple of times during the day and once at night – so I estimate we’ve spent £90 max

Baby wipes – we use Huggies pure wipes and, as with nappies, stock up on boxes during supermarket baby events – I reckon we’ve spent a max of £55 here (that’s assuming 1 box per month when actually I think we’ve used a lot less but hard to remember)

Bepanthen nappy cream – £20ish

Nappy bags – £10ish (again, we use far less of these now but when we do, I prefer the thicker, scented, more expensive ones!)


Tommee tippee steriliser kit (inc bottles etc) – £70

Travel steriliser – £12

Breast shells – £13

Breast pads – I have no idea how much I’ve spent on these – £40?

Breast milk storage bags – again no idea – £40?

We now do combination feeding and buy ready-prepared Aptamil milk for the evening feed – I reckon about a tenner a week for the last 3 months, plus a bit more for day feeds when someone else is looking after him –  £120 (ouch!!)


3x books – £20

Bibs – £4

Highchair – not bought yet but plan to buy the Ikea one at £18

Food – as we’re doing baby-led weaning, we’re not spending any extra on food but I have bought a few other bits ‘n’ bobs e.g. baby rice, baby rice cakes etc – £5

Cutlery set and dinky cup – £10


Sophie le Giraffe x 2 (we lost 1!) – £34

Then I reckon we spent £30 on Calpol, Nurofen, Anbesol, Bonjela, teething powders and a couple of teething chewy things


John Lewis snowsuit
John Lewis snowsuit


I like to think I’ve saved in this area where others might go mad!

Before baby W arrived we spent about £50 on neutral, newborn babygros etc

0-3 months – we got through purely on gifts and the stuff we bought before he was born (and it was a hot summer so he mostly lived in vests!)

3-6 months – got through on gifts, hand-me-downs from a friend and a £20 haul from an NCT nearly new sale, oh and £40 on Next sleepsuits! And a Halloween outfit for £6!

Now as he’s getting into 6-9 months, I’ve just spent £28 on a snowsuit and £13 on a Tesco outfit, £21 in Mamas and Papas, and £13 on another NCT nearly new haul.



Photo shoot – we spent about £200 on a newborn photo shoot (I know it’s a lot but we bought all of the digital copies as opposed to just buying a small number!)

Classes – baby massage (£50), tinytalk sign class (£55), 20 x swimming lessons (£200) mother and baby yoga (£96 for 12 lessons)

Thank you cards – (using photos from the shoot) – £50

What we didn’t have to pay for:

Bugaboo cameleon – we bought this second-hand for £350 but our parents kindly bought it for us. Oh that’s just reminded me, I bought my other half a Babybjorn miracle carrier = £70

Moses basket and car seat were kindly lent to us by friends

Breast pumps – I was gifted a manual, and electric pump

So…… the grand total is…..



Does this surprise you?! Did I forget anything? How much do you think you spent in the baby’s first six months?!

8 thoughts on “How much does a baby cost in the first six months?”

    1. It’s great when people offer you things isn’t it….. I took everything I was offered and I’m still getting lots of clothing hand-me-downs now from a friend which is saving me a fortune!xx


  1. Wowser! That’s so much money!!!
    When my kids were little I bought the cheapest things or were gifted or giving 2nd hand stuff. I think with my son the first 6 months was about £600 as he was a very poorly newborn so a lot of clothes and bedding got ruined and my daughter about £500 because she couldn’t wear certain clothes or booties due to having poorly legs!
    If I was to have another child it would cost more as I’ve not got any baby gear anymore!


    1. Wow that’s awesome you did it on such a budget! I’d love to know how much other people spent – I see some people going mad buying new, expensive stuff – so even though I’ve spent a lot, I reckon some people have spent a LOT more and probably have no real idea! thanks so much for calling by xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I’ve tried to buy those big things when they’ve been on offer…. Aldi nappies, yep we tried those in size 1 and 2 – they were good but we just always found Pampers to be best in terms of keeping him dry so in the end we just stuck with that. We tried Boots as well and they didn’t suit him at all so I still have some packs to change! xx


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