Week 39 pregnancy update

15 days to go ’til due-date – what we’ve been up to…

It’s been a busy week for Bean, the other half and me….

  • Had a scan a week ago to make sure baby was in the right position (as he/she was still in breech a few weeks before) – good news: Bean is head-down 🙂
  • While we were there, my blood pressure was a bit high which the consultant was a bit worried about so I’ve had to go up to the hospital to get it checked 3 times since then (yesterday’s reading was ok at 148/95 but still a bit high) – we’ll be back up there again today
  • Had the whopping cough vaccination
  • Had a hospital tour (both wards: midwife-led (amazing!!) and consultant-led)
  • Had a fun afternoon out with my team, learning how to decorate cupcakes
  • Finished work yesterday
  • Pretty much finished the new kitchen
  • Chose which outfits we’re taking to the hospital for Bean 🙂

I also had a busy but lovely weekend catching up with friends and going to a lovely christening.. and all the time, the sun has been shining 🙂

Private room in the maternity-led unit, UHW
Private room in the maternity-led unit, UHW

Things I’ve learnt in the last few weeks about pregnancy, myself and blood pressure!

These things aren’t great for blood pressure so late in your pregnancy:

  • Sending your work handover emails just a couple of days before you finish
  • Still clearing your desk minutes before you need to finish work
  • Travelling to London for your last vendor meeting just a week before you finish work
  • Giving a presentation to 60-70 peers in your last week (and just doing the slides that morning, and not practising!)
  • Having a new kitchen fitted 😉

Having said all that, I’m actually surprised that my blood pressure is a bit high – I feel pretty good but the things listed above were probably on my mind… to offset it I went back to NCT yoga this week, and I’ve been reading ‘Spiritual Midwifery’ (Ina May Gaskin) and ‘Hypnobirthing’ Marie Mongan) – more on those in another post but they have both helped to relax me!

Any other pregnancy updates?

Total weight gained: 2 stone (28 lbs/12.8 kgs)

New purchases: TENS machine (still in box), PJ bottoms for hospital

Baby’s movement: Plenty, especially during the early hours of the morning

Sleep: see above


  • see photos for work gifts (I’m a very lucky girl),
  • we also picked up the car seat and moses basket which friends are very kindly lending us
  • my friend Fran gave us a really cute babygro from John Lewis
  • my friend Zoe gave us some handy towels for the changing mat, a teddy that Bean can play with from day 1, very cute scratch mitts and she lent me another book and gave me some nipple cream 🙂
Leaving gifts from work: spa treat, cupcakes, teddy and babygro :)
Leaving gifts from work: spa treat, cupcakes, teddy and babygro 🙂


orange and pink flowers
Beautiful flowers from an agency we work with

6 thoughts on “Week 39 pregnancy update”

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. My twins were due to be born at this hospital in 2012, but as they were early and needed special care we were sent to Merthyr as UHW closed their neo-natal unit! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky


  2. Trying this comment again, not sure if the last one went through 🙂

    Your blood pressure is about the same as mine, but of course, since I’m heavier, a higher BP is typical 🙂 I’d love to see a nursery tour if you feel up to it 😀



  3. What a busy week. I stopped work a month before Potato was born because I had gestational diabetes and the commute into London sent my blood sugars rocketing. It was lovely to have a little quiet time before he was born. Even though he was born in hospital, because of the GD, I had a hypnobirth too. If your interested, my birth story is on my blog.
    Sounds like you need to try and take it easy for the last few days/weeks xx
    Thank you for linking up with #BinkyLinky


    1. Thanks for codefo taking it more easy this week although I like keeping busy too!
      Thanks for sharing your birth story – I just read it and I’m so glad I did as I’m in a similar situation – found out this week I will defo be consultant-led but I too had been reading up on hypnobirthing and natural birthing, so I’m so glad I read yours – fingers crossed I will be able to achieve something similar 🙂
      I will be #binkylinky my latest update later….
      thanks again!


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