Toddler W’s 27 month update 

W turned 2 and a quarter last week and thought I’d write a quick updates the last one was when he turned two.

Stop press alert: he had some new favourites: Paw patrol has overtaken Peppa pig as his favourite cartoon, and I think quiche has now overtaken pasta as his favourite food!

Becoming a big brother

The biggest change since then has been that he’s become a big brother! This has gone better than expected (read our post about preparing him for it!) largely due to leaving him with the childminder four days a week for now, do he doesn’t have too much of a chance to get jealous/frustrated.

When he comes home, he asks for ‘baby cwtch’ straight away. When baby S is in his bouncer he’ll often go up to him to give him a kiss, whether he’s sleeping or awake!! He blocks out the crying most of the time, so all in all he’s handling it very well and we’re giving him lots of praise for it!


His vocabulary continues to go from strength to strength and you can have a good old conversation with him now!

He’s using his memory, eg if I ask him what he did at the childminder’s today, he can roughly tell me.

He’s using logic, so when my other half said to him the other day ‘shall we go in this shop to look at clothes for dad’, W said ‘no, Dadda got clothes!’

He says his ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s and  copies and picks up so many sayings eg ‘careful mamma’, ‘mamma come on!!’ (Said with urgency as he’s trying to drag me somewhere’) and ‘never mind’.

He’s inquisitive ‘what’s Dadda doing?!’ ‘What happened?!’ (The latter often asked after he falls over on purpose ;))

Since the last update he can now count up to ten in Welsh and French!! He loves numbers, when we’re out and about he’ll read out numbers when he sees them! He also knows the colours in Welsh.

The last few weeks he’s started to try and sing… He’ll ask us to sing his faves ‘five little Ducks’ or ‘spider’ (incy wincy) and he’ll always try and join in with ‘wheels in the bus’


Overall he’s still a very good boy and we can usually move on from tantrums through a range of distraction techniques!! Over the last month or so he’s become a little more ‘headstrong’ with lots more ‘no’s and ‘no, mine’ creeping in, perhaps in reaction to his baby brother’s arrival, perhaps just picked up from the older girls at the childminder’s.

Routines etc 

He still wakes up about 6.30 and still has a 2 hour nap from about 12-2. We make sure it’s no longer than 2 hours.

Bedtime has got later, he goes upstairs for bath and stories at 7 and is usually asleep by 8. We managed to ditch his milk bottle for a few days, but that’s crept back in and not the time to fight over it with a newborn in the house!

He usually sleeps through but quite often will wake between midnight and two shouting for ‘dadda’, not upset just over-tired etc!

Still no toilet training yet, we’ll try in September when he has a week off with me.

What we’ve been up to…Before and since his brother’s arrival we’ve made sure he’s had plenty of visits out and about. I wish I had time to write all of these up (or at least have more photos to share with you!) but he’s been to Tredegar park, Dyffryn GardensCardiff bay a few times….

Barry island…

barry island beach fun
Cardiff museum…

cardiff museum rocks
Heath park miniature railway…

heath park miniature railway

Greenmeadow community farm
greenmeadow community farm

nature day at Forest farm

meadow at forest farm

Amelia trust farm…

amelia trust farm

The new splash pad at Victoria park…

victoria park splashpad
…and the childminder takes them out most days too, so he’s had a good few days out over the last few months! Although he’s just as happy at home with his cars, dinosaurs, animals, books etc…

Let’s see what the next few months bring 😍

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