What’s inside our new Changing Bag?

Everyone loves a changing bag post, I meant to write this MONTHS ago but finally found a spare 5 mins!

So, for the first 6 months of baby W’s life, we survived with the free changing bag you get with the Boots advantage card – it’s worth getting, it’s very handy and very unisex… but it’s a bit plain and I did fancy getting a ‘fancier’ changing bag but I’m not a ‘bag person’ so…

I love the Pink Lining ‘yummy mummy’ changing bags, but I thought they were a bit too girly for my other half to carry around! Everyone raves about Pacapod bags but they’re a bit too big for my liking. Everyone also raves about Nova Harley bags but I don’t really like changing bags that look like handbags… I then fell in love with Cath Kidston changing bags but thought they were a bit pricey…..

So while I was mooching in Next one day I stumbled upon this gorgeous thing…

Changing bag from Next
Changing bag from Next

It’s only £30 and I think it looks a bit Cath-Kidston-esque 🙂

Next spotty changing bag
Next spotty changing bag

As well as the price tag and the pattern/design, I love the size – it’s nice and compact. I do think it would be too small for a lot of parents, who might prefer the larger size bags – but I always prefer travelling light! Another bonus point is that it’s wipe-clean!

So what do I carry around in it?….

Changing bag essentials
Changing bag essentials

Since day 1 we’ve always used Pampers nappies (we tried Aldi’s and Boots too but Pampers always kept him the driest!) and Huggies wet wipes. We found Bepanthen to be the best nappy cream, so we always carry a tube of this around… and a muslin (this starry one is from M&S) and some nappy bags.

Spare outfits!
Spare outfits!

In the early days, we’d always carry a spare outfit in case of a poo-nami! These days it’s usually because he’s covered himself in food! Either way I also try and make sure the spare outfit is something quite easy to change him into like a romper suit rather than a full outfit that would take up more space, and more time – he’s a wriggler!

Essential changing bag toys!
Essential changing bag toys!

We can’t go anywhere without his teddy comforter (we’ve had to buy a few spares from Matalan!) and I always chuck in a couple of other toys e.g. a Lamaze one, or this crinkly teething elephant.. or of course baby favourite Sophie le Giraffe!

Mummy's essentials
Mummy’s essentials

If I’m travelling light then I’ll ditch my handbag and pop my things in to the changing bag – my phone (not in the photo as it’s taking the photo ;)), keys with my NYC keyring, my Ted Baker wallet (bought in a discount store of course!) and hand sanitiser!

The bag fits in all of the above, and of course comes with a changing mat… here’s some more pics so you can see the compactness/space….

image image

Oh that reminds me, as well as the matching changing mat it also comes with a matching bottle holder… we usually carry a bottle with us, whether it’s for milk or water… and I’ve now started carrying some form of snacks too e.g. some Organix baby crisps.

I love it – I thought it was also relatively unisex but my other half disagreed! He’s more than happy to carry it around regardless though 🙂 So:


  • Design
  • Price
  • Wipe-clean
  • Compact
  • Matching changing mat and bottle holder
  • Has 1 big pocket and a couple of smaller pockets


  • The only one I can think of is that the lack of space might not suit everyone

What do you think of it? I always love nosing at other people’s changing bag posts, so feel free to leave a link to yours in the comments section 🙂


2 thoughts on “What’s inside our new Changing Bag?”

  1. brilliant, will add ours and share the link love nosing at other people’s changing bags too! x


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