4 months old!: Weeks 17-18 of being a mummy: seaside and smiles

4 months old... a visit to Cardiff Bay.... new sleepsuits from Next.... manicured nails... windswept by the sea... 2 teeth!.. HMS Destroyer.. a llama at St Fagans food festival... and a garden scene!
4 months old… a visit to Cardiff Bay…. new sleepsuits from Next…. manicured nails… windswept by the sea… 2 teeth!.. HMS Destroyer.. a llama at St Fagans food festival… and a garden scene!

One thing I’ve learnt as a new mum is that every day is different, as is every night… you never know what to expect! So in the last update, I’d had my toughest time yet as baby W cut his first two teeth…. now the last 2 weeks, that seems like a distant memory as the pain has gone and been replaced by his smiles and laughs!

4 months old – loves

He turned 4 months last week – unbelievable! He loves smiling, loves being made to laugh, loves kicking away in his bouncer, still loves munching on his hand, comforter, Sophie the giraffe and anything else he can get his hands on (painful when he tries to munch our fingers now that he has teeth!!), he loves being carried by his dad in the BabyBjorn, he loves bathtime and loves looking at books and pictures, oh and faces and real people!

What we’ve been up to

We’ve had a few visitors, and fewer classes due to the summer hols. It’s been great to have the sun back, makes life so much easier as we can go for walks and use the garden as an extra room. We’ve had some really lovely family days out like visiting beautiful beaches Southerndown and Ogmore; and a fantastic food festival at our local outdoor museum, St Fagans. My sister and I also took W to Cardiff Bay to see all the warships that were in town for the NATO conference – and we saw Prince Charles! One to tell him when he’s older!

What I’ve been up to

I’ve had not one, but two, spa treatments – I will blog about them this week. I was supposed to be sorting out childcare but still not sorted anything yet #eek


Still a distant memory! About a month ago, before he started teething, he was only waking up once at about 2-3am. Then teething messed that up, and now I believe we’re in ‘4 month sleep regression’ as he’s taken to waking up hungry at least 3 times -about 11pm, 1am and 4am. He settles ok after these feeds, helped by me whispering ‘twinkle twinkle….’ to him – the things you try!


I exchanged a ‘duplicate’ present from Next last week, for some groovy sleepsuits which you might be able to see in the photo montage. They’re size 3-6 months old and they’re the only thing we’re lacking at the moment not that he’s in 3-6 months yet, still 0-3 months! One thing that’s changed in his wardrobe since the last update is that he’s now wearing bibs every day as he dribbles a lot more now (and also likes munching on them!)

Also bought a Bumbo chair which I then changed for the Mamas and Papas ‘snug chair – blog to follow!

And also bought the ‘no cry sleep solution’ book – wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “4 months old!: Weeks 17-18 of being a mummy: seaside and smiles”

    1. Still haven’t had a chance to read the book yet!! W really struggled with his teeth coming through – he was very grouchy for a few days before and after, and quite often in pain… they say the first ones are the worst so I’m hoping the next ones will be easier! Good luck with yours 🙂 xx


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