Still addicted to my iPhone?

A week ago I set myself the challenge of cutting down on my iPhone usage as I was finding myself getting addicted to checking things like Facebook and Twitter a million times a day!

So how did I get on?

  • By leaving my phone in a different room for most of the day and only checking it during naptime I am definitely using it less – the temptation has gone!
  • However, I realised how much I use it for other things like the camera, notebook and baby apps  – so I’m using an old school notebook and pen – old school, I love it!
  • I unfollowed some of the parenting groups that I’m a member of, on Facebook – if I ever have a bored half hour I can check them, but they won’t clog up my feed (it turns out these are the only updates I ever seem to get as most non-parents are in work or living their lives lol!)
  • Although I don’t think I’m missing much on Facebook, I do miss getting involved in some of the Twitter banter with other mums etc!
  • First thing in the morning is the hardest – baby W has taken to getting us up at 7-7.30 and I’m like a zombie til about 10 – my usual fix is breakfast TV, the Wright Stuff, lots of tea and my phone – that’s been the hardest habit to break
  • I still find myself checking it when I go to bed… this is bad for ‘sleep hygiene’ and I’m tempted to leave it downstairs but it does come in handy for nightfeeds so we’ll see…

Overall result? I like to think I’m slightly less addicted, and if baby W is old enough to take note I hope he has noticed 🙂

Have you tried cutting down too? Any tips you can share with us?!

4 thoughts on “Still addicted to my iPhone?”

  1. I check mine a lot too and like you have been trying to cut down, especially when my children are around. I set myself the challenge of not looking it for an hour, but it’s hard if you want to take photos etc. I went out the other day and my battery died really early in the day. I didn’t have a phone for nearly four hours…. it was actually really lovely to be free of it for a while, although I was paranoid about something happening to be daughter at school and no one being able to get hold of me!


    1. it’s tough isn’t it – mine’s been creeping back next to me over the last few days, like you I use mine as a camera and it’s actually filled up so I need to spend some time sorting it out! When I’m tired it’s just the easiest go-to thing to do! x


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