Weeks 11 and 12 of becoming a mummy

Another busy 2 weeks has passed…… eeek!

Baby W

In terms of development, W doesn’t seem hugely different from the last update – lots of smiles, grabbing and generally being more awake. We did have a big milestone the day after his 12 week birthday – he rolled over from front to back!

Sleep (or lack thereof)

He’s still very content 99% of the time. Sleep is still a distant fantasy for me! As the last few weeks have been so hot, he’s usually been getting his main 3 hour sleep but then been waking up every hour. Then for a couple of nights last week, he wouldn’t settle back down in his basket after his nightfeeds which is unusual for him… again, might be down to the heat and he is starting to get too big for it! One night we had to leave him in his bouncer for a few hours instead so we could all get some sleep!

Looking at the Wonder Weeks app, he is currently in a developmental leap which could explain those funny few nights, he’s calmed down a bit since (and as I write, the weather has cooled down…. hooray!)

We are finally starting a bedtime routine for him today, to see if this helps him sleep through (I’ll keep you posted!)


I’ve had a stinking cold for a week now – no fun at all with a little one to keep entertained and happy. So, so lucky that we have family nearby to help out!

So what have we been up to over the last 2 weeks?

Sunday – had a lovely family day out at the Cardiff food and drink festival and a trip into the city centre (W slept through most of it)

Monday – went to our first baby massage class (W started ok, then cried for a feed, then cried for a poo and then wouldn’t settle!)

Tuesday – yoga class (W slept through it)

Wednesday – went to Jellybabies mother and baby group where my friend helps out so great to catch up with her, and met a mum with a 6month old.

There was a free taster of a sign and sing class… W slept through it (are you seeing a theme developing here!?)

Thursday – work were having an afternoon out in the park so I took W down to say hello… he slept all the way through

Friday – took him for a long walk to the nearby village of Llandaff and its cathedral while the cleaner was here (he slept for most of the way through)

Stopped for a feed on a secret bench overlooking Llandaff cathedral
Stopped for a feed on a secret bench overlooking Llandaff cathedral

Saturday – a friend came to visit with her 2 little ones and we all went to St Fagans outdoor museum nearby – great fun with her little 2 (W slept for most of it!)

Sunday – a couple of hours in Roath Park with friends and their infants, including a friend who was back from Canada for a couple of weeks

Monday and Tuesday – mummy had a stinking cold so gave W to his nanna for a few hours both days!

Wednesday – family funeral – thankfully W slept through the service. The men were wearing pink shirts (breast cancer) so I enjoyed putting W in a pink giraffe print babygro! (the least girly one I could find!)

New elephant/ pink giraffe print babygros from Marks & Spencer (Instagrammed)
New elephant/ pink giraffe print babygros from Marks & Spencer (Instagrammed)

Thursday – auntie Shell popped over for cwtches, then we went for an afternoon tea with an Indian twist at Chaiholics, Cardiff with his auntie Sioned followed by a long walk around Roath Park, lovely day! If you’re in Cardiff, I highly recommend a trip to Chaiholics – I thought it was ace!

My first ever Chai latte at Chaiholics, Cardiff
My first ever Chai latte at Chaiholics, Cardiff

Friday – we popped into town to see some work colleagues that we hadn’t seen yet

Saturday – daddy’s birthday! We went to our usual Swimkidz swimming lesson and daddy got to go underwater with W to see what he looked like which was cool to watch – apparently he scrunches his face up 🙂 We spent the afternoon picnicking and chilling in Roath Park – perfect birthday for daddy!

Our view upwards in Roath Park
Our view upwards in Roath Park

The weather has been scorching, and as you can see I’ve mentioned a few parks etc – this weather (and being on maternity leave!) has made me fall in love with my city Cardiff again! I’ll post about it separately at some point but I just love all the free parks and green space 🙂

As I said, glad it’s cooling down a bit now and I’ll keep you posted on the sleep situation!

Purchases and presents

As well as those babygros earlier, I bought a couple of t-shirts in the Tesco sale, his auntie Clare bought him a cool checked shirt from Next and also a very special present – ‘baby’s first year’ book based on baby favourite ‘guess how much I love you’ – we’ll have fun filling that in!

I was also given my push present – a Pandora ‘baby boy’ charm for my bracelet.

And we also given some knitted goodies from my family – my mum, nan and auntie knitted these for him….

Knitted gifts from my family
Knitted gifts from my family

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6 thoughts on “Weeks 11 and 12 of becoming a mummy”

  1. ahhh, need that giraffe print in my life!! It’s so nice to be on maternity leave in the summer when the weather is good. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the park too. 🙂 x


    1. Haha yes I do need to make the most of these easy daytimes! Yesterday and today he was awake for massage and yoga so it’s funny how much he’s changed in just 2 weeks! xx


  2. You’ve been so busy! Well done for getting out! I always used to go for walks with my twins, but it took me 8 months to pluck up the courage to go to a baby group. I might go that jelly babies group on Wednesday as I live near by and have heard good things about it x


    1. I didn’t plan to be this busy but I think the good weather helps… massage I wanted to do as he was going through a grouchy stage… yoga is for me as I love it! And if my friend didn’t help out at Jellybabies I’m not sure if I would have bothered going to a mother and baby group yet…. you should defo come along, Shelley from work came today as well! x x


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