Weeks 6-7 update – becoming a mummy – smiles, pelvic floors and cocktails

Apologies it’s been a while since my last update… it’s been busy!  Baby W – turned 7 weeks old on Saturday… lots more ‘first’s’ since I last blogged…

First smiles – the last week or so he’s been smiling, cooing and trying out new noises a lot… much fun and very very cute!,

First 4 hour sleep – about a week ago he slept for a full 4 hours in the night.. ‘hallelujah’ I thought… ‘we must be getting close to sleeping through…’ Alas, the next night he woke up for a feed ever hour!

Just the last few days he’s been awake a lot more in the daytime, so hopefully we’ll see some longer night-time sleeps soon. We’re lucky in that once he’s had his night-time feeds he goes back to sleep pretty well. I should add that in the day too, his feeds have become a lot shorter and more frequent (perhaps increased thirst due to the hot weather?)… can’t work out if this is easier than longer feeds – they both have their pros and cons!

He’s become grouchier in the evenings, a lot more wind and tears… this seems pretty normal I think but we’re seeing the health visitor this week so I’ll ask about things like infacol just in case…

First Father’s Day – a special day for his daddy! We didn’t actually do much, as daddy’s been out for a few beers the day before and W was going though a grouchy few days but we did spoil him with a Moonpig card, his fave chocolates, personalised hankies (don’t ask!), the World Cup sticker album…. and a BabyBjorn carrier which he’d been fancying for a while 🙂

First expressed-bottle feed – a week ago, he took his first bottle from his daddy. I will blog about it separately in more detail but it was a very proud, bittersweet moment – so proud to see him taking the bottle without a problem… so nice to see him being fed by his dad…. but also slightly sad as I guess it’s already the beginning of the end of his beautiful relationship with my breasts!

Getting bottles ready for mummy's first night out!
Getting bottles ready for mummy’s first night out!

First night out for mummy – so with all that expressed breast milk, on his 7-week birthday this momma went out to a big work’s party (Olly Murs being the headline act) and drank a few too many Cosmo’s…. I wasn’t planning on getting quite so tipsy but I got totally over-excited by seeing so many of my colleagues, it was a great night! We had no idea how long the milk would last but it took him right through the night feeds and to an 8am feed… so by the time I needed to feed him the cocktails were long gone from my system, and my boobs were very full and sore! Obviously I missed the little one (and the night feeds as I was in the spare room!) but it was really nice to have a decent break away from him although I’m sure I talked about him all night 🙂

First pelvic floor class – this has to be one of the most surreal moments of my life but due to the ‘perineal trauma’ from my labour, I was invited to a pelvic floor workshop in the hospital… cue a handful of us sitting in a hot room for an hour being shown diagrams and demonstrations of our muscles ‘down there’ and how to heal them… I learnt a couple of new things but overall it was very random!

The rest of the fortnight…

  • met friends and colleagues for lunch/coffees (which has involved more unplanned feeding in public, due to his aforementioned increased thirst!)
  • washing machine died – every new mum’s worst nightmare 😉
  • car exhaust died
  • carried on with baby W’s swimming lessons
  • mummy went clothes shopping (blog post to follow!)

Overall, as he’s getting busier I’m finding myself with less spare time which is fine… but trying to balance chilling out at home with getting out and about, and staying busy… I hope for us to start some classes next week, so that might help give us a bit more routine to work around….

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8 thoughts on “Weeks 6-7 update – becoming a mummy – smiles, pelvic floors and cocktails”

    1. Haha well I’m quite squeamish so I actually looked away at a lot of the diagrams and how it all works etc! The useful bits for me were that I wasn’t actually doing pelvic floor exercises on my ‘behind’ til I went and that has helped!
      They also had a great diagram showing how humans are designed to squat when on the loo, and so I’ve changed my position slightly and that has helped!

      This must be the funniest comment reply I’ve made, trying to answer it without being TMI! Xx


      1. Haha, all things pregnancy/birth related end up being TMI! 😉
        Thanks, I hadn’t really thought of the bottom being part of the pelvic floor, but of course it certainly is.


  1. Hurray first smiles!! So special. I’ve just been watching back over old videos of Diggory and it’s so strange to see those first weeks where he couldn’t smile! And then having to work hard to make him smile hehe… now he’s rarely NOT smiling. Something to look forward to 🙂 Xx


  2. Aww reading this has made me miss my little one newborn. I’ve never heard of a pelvic floor class!! I really regret not doing my pelvic floors very often – I need a wee constantly! Xx


    1. Lol – needing a wee constantly is tough but not as bad as constant leakage I suppose! (Luckily I have neither but let’s not talk about the first few weeks post-baby!) xx


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