Blog your heart out

I’ve been tagged by EmilyandIndiana to fill in the Blog Your Heart Out meme – thank you Emily – it’s the first time I’ve been tagged to do one of these 🙂

Who/what encouraged you to start blogging?

I’ve enjoyed writing ever since I was a kid – I used to write stories for my little sister! By the time I was a teenager I wanted to be a journalist… that never happened, but over the last few years through travelling and my job in marketing I’ve enjoyed writing blogs for other sites (see my marketing blogs for eConsultancy, and my travel blogs for Hostelbookers: Costa Rica and lessons for travelling) so it seemed like a logical step to start blogging for myself… and when I found myself pregnant, it gave me the perfect reason (I’d always wondered what to blog about!).

How did you choose what to blog about?

See above – I thought pregnancy was a great place to start – I wanted to share my experiences with other people to help out as much as I could, as well as documenting my feelings and activities as a sort-of diary to look back on. There are a few pregnancy posts I didn’t get around to writing, but now baby W is here, obviously the focus will shift to writing about my experiences of parenting!

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Things that other bloggers won’t know about me… yet….

  • I’m born and bred in Wales and speak Welsh
  • When I’m not on maternity leave I’m a digital marketing manager for in charge of a team of 15 people
  • Despite becoming a blogger, I’m quite a private person – I don’t plan to share baby W photos on the blog, or my deepest thoughts
  • I believe in fairies

What 3 words describe your style?

Does this mean my fashion style?! If so  – jeans, comfy, unfussy!! I live in bootcut jeans whether dressed up with heels or dressed-down with flip-flops… unfussy as I don’t wear much jewellery/many accessories and don’t bother much with make-up at the mo….

If this means my personality/blog style… ummmm…. most people would say I’m laid-back… my other half would say I’m disorganised… oh and most of us would agree I’m messy!

What do you love to do when you’re not blogging?

I’ve been a mum for 2 weeks and so most of my time goes on feeding, changing nappies, laundry and staring at baby W when he’s asleep 🙂

Me and my OH have always loved travel and holidays and we hope to carry on with this over the next few months and years with W, although nothing booked as yet.

I need to find some mummy/baby activities but before I became a mummy I used to enjoy girly evenings – meals, weekends away, spa days etc and hopefully I can carry on with this once I get into a bit of a routine!

Who’s next?

I’d like to tag the following ladies who had their babies within a few weeks of my baby W…


2 thoughts on “Blog your heart out”

    1. thanks for calling by, glad someone reads it 🙂
      Yes currently planning on returning to work in January which will be after 9 months off… I don’t think this is ever an ideal time so that seems as good a time as any! We’ll see…..


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