REVIEW: Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender 

I’m a huge fan of Tommee Tippee – we use their bottles, perfect prep machine and steriliser, so I was VERY excited when they sent me a steamer blender to try out – and perfect timing as we’re about a month in to our weaning journey.

Tommee tippee steamer blender
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Review of the year 2016: toddlers, babies, life and my top 5 blog posts

What a year! My second beautiful boy was born in June and we had a pretty tough few months with feeding/weight issues, a hospital visit at 8 weeks and general crankiness til he was 4 months old! When I wrote about parenting 2 boys I think I was in a bit of a negative place…. things do get easier and we’ve had a great few months now…

All the while his big brother W has developed such a character over the year. Full of chatter, very clever with words, numbers and his imagination… and potty trained to boot! Continue reading “Review of the year 2016: toddlers, babies, life and my top 5 blog posts”

Baby S’s 6 month update 

A few days before Christmas, baby S turned 6 months old!

The health visitor came to see him that day and it was the first time we’d seen her for months as I’d not bothered getting him weighed etc.
He weighs just shy of 15lb and it was no surprise that he’d dropped down to the 2nd percentile in terms of weight. No surprise because the few weeks prior, he’s dropped his day feeds to just taking a couple of ounces at a time…. co-incided with teething so I’m not worried about it!

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Toddler W’s build-up to Christmas… his first ‘proper’ Christmas!

This year feels like W’s first proper Christmas. He seems to ‘get it’, he’s excited, he’s hyper!
Over the last few weeks he’s met Santa a few times already, first at Cardiff Bay’s Santa’s Post Office, then at various baby and toddler parties. This week we took him to see Santa in the magical North Pole at Pugh’s garden centre, which was fab!

My mum made him an advent calendar which has been a fun addition to the daily routine this month. I had to source very small items which proved a tricky but rewarding challenge… he’s over the moon with his 4 frogs and 4 ‘crusher’* cars (*he thinks they’re from ‘Blaze and the monster machines’!) and some days he just had stickers in there. Proof that you don’t need to spend much on toddlers.

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Last-minute Christmas and birthday gift buying for children – with Wicked Uncle 

If you’re a last-minute Minnie like me who never knows what presents to buy for kids older than her own then you’re in luck as there’s a website just for you!!

The guys at Wickeduncle asked me to try them out and I’m so glad!

As you can see, straight away you choose who the present is for – what age they are and away you go….

Wicked uncle choices
You can filter by categories e.g. Outdoor, sensory, creative and sort by price.

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REVIEW: Rockin’ Baby newborn pouch – and our first attempt at babywearing! 

Before S was born I knew I wanted to try babywearing with him as it’s something I didn’t really try with W. So I was delighted when the guys at Rockinbaby offered me a newborn pouch to try. We’d already tried out their fabulous clothes so I knew it was going to be good….
It arrives in a cute compact Continue reading “REVIEW: Rockin’ Baby newborn pouch – and our first attempt at babywearing! “

Planting Miffy’s very special tulips 

I’ve loved Miffy since I was a little girl so I jumped at the chance to plant some Miffy tulips when they asked me…

Miffy's tulips
Why are they so special? Well they’re the very same colour red as features in the Miffy book… and it’s taken 15 years of cross-fertilising and cultivating to get to that perfect red! Continue reading “Planting Miffy’s very special tulips “

What to buy a 6 month old for Christmas? Gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas!

Baby S will turn 6 months old just before Christmas. You might think I’m mean, but I’m not going to spend much money on him… I’d rather keep it back for when he’s older!
He has all the clothes, toys and books he needs from his hand-me-downs from big brother W! For W’s first Christmas 2 years ago we bought him small toys like stacking cups, sensory balls and sensory books. So it means we’ve struggled to think of anything S really needs…

What to buy a 6 month old for Christmas

So far all we’ve bought S is:

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Posting a letter to Santa at Santa’s Post Office and a walk to Wales Millenium Centre: Christmas at Cardiff Bay

This year I am proper excited for Christmas. It’s the first year W has any idea what’s going on so I’m already enjoying the build-up… he loves Christmas trees and lights, and has a good understanding of what Santa’s about!

So it was lovely yesterday to meet the big man himself at the launch of Santa’s post office in Cardiff Bay. (He isn’t usually at Santa’s post office – he was only there for the launch!)

W got to tell him what he’d like for Christmas (choo choo trains) and what his baby brother would like (milk and cars!).

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Baby S’s 5 month update 

What a difference a month makes! A month ago I wrote about how sensitive S was about everything from car journeys to feeds…. and now I can look back and say we’ve had a much better month!

He’s been much more content – spending his days happy and chilled, and only grisly if he’s hungry or tired. So it’s been a much easier month!

Some things haven’t changed… he’s still a terrible sleeper!

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