What’s a Cwtch?

I’m Welsh, I love cwtches and ‘cwtch’ is a word that’s part of my daily vocabulary especially now we have a newborn in the house.

One of my blog readers recently asked what this word was – was it a typo? should it have read ‘catches’? Most of you probably cwtch every day without knowing it….

So for all you non-Welshies out there…. this is a cwtch…


In simplest terms – ‘cwtch’ is the Welsh word for a cuddle/snuggle…. but it’s more than that….

It’s a feeling you can’t describe… it’s holding on to someone with love and affection, squeezing them in tight to make sure they’re ok and letting them know that you’re looking out for them. Being in a cwtch is feeling warm and safe.

The urban dictionary describes ‘cwtch’ as ‘the Welsh word for an affectionate hug. There’s no literal English translation, but its nearest equivlent is “safe place”. So if you give someone a cwtch, you’re giving them a “safe place”.’

How to pronounce ‘cwtch’

I’d describe it as ‘coo’ (as if you were starting to say ‘cool’) and then ‘tch’ like the ‘tch’ in ‘itch’ or ‘witch’. That probably isn’t that helpful, so I found this link which has a really helpful button you can press to hear what ‘cwtch’ sounds like!

So there’s only one thing for it….

Keep calm and have a cwtch
Keep calm and have a cwtch