REVIEW: Lush Spa, Cardiff

I love a good spa and I’ve been lucky enough to try many over the years so I was well chuffed when my lovely sister bought me a spa treatment called ‘the Comforter’ for Lush Spa in Cardiff.

Lush are well-known for their bath bombs and the like but they’ve had a spa in Cardiff for a couple of years now…

I had a lovely welcome… a member of staff at the main entrance to the shop was holding a little blackboard with my name on it… it was so cute! I wish I’d thought to take a photo but caught me so off-guard!

As I’d arrived about 10-15 mins early I was asked whether I wanted a hand/arm massage or a tour around the shop/products. With the shop being full of Christmas shoppers I opted for the massage and it a lovely!

Then my therapist case down to get me and took me into the spa, explained a bit about Lush spa and the treatment and took me into the treatment room….

Not the best photo but the treatment room was lovely, but different to others I’d been in as it had stars projected on the ceiling… very relaxing!

‘The Comforter’ treatment was like no other treatment I’d had before. It was basically an all-over massage scrub using a chocolate massage bar, which was then followed with taking the scrub off with a rose (I think it was rose, I may have got it wrong) lotion which was massaged into my aches and strains.

What made the treatment even more unique was I was under a heated blanket for most of it (as they want you to feel like you’re in bed under a duvet) and there was music played throughout… not your usual massage plinky plonky music but a proper soundtrack to the treatment including music from willy wonka and other films.

The music went really well with the treatment but it also took away the awkwardness of whether to talk to the masseuse or not!

At some point during the treatment I was told to open to my eyes to look at the bubbles floating over my head. Other than that, I can’t remember too many details as it was so relaxing and comforting that I definitely dosed off! And my skin felt and smelled LUSH for the rest of the day!

After the treatment I was brought onto the ‘kitchen area’ (as the kitchen is the heart of the home!) and given a crazy candy floss concoction which turned into a hot sugary drink…. lovely!

While I sipped this sweet drink and my energy levels resumed, I just chilled in this area… they’ve created a lovely space. The wooden floors are made from reclaimed train sleepers, and the vases etc are reclaimed from charity shops and flea markets… great idea and the result was a very cool, cosy place to unwind.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Lush spa treatment. It might cost a bit more than other spas in the area but the treatments are very unique! This is a real little oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and well worth a visit! On my way out I bought a voucher for my sister for Christmas… hopefully I’ll return with her!


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Lush Spa, Cardiff”

  1. This looks lovely! I had no idea that Lush have an on-site spa, I bet it smells amazing. Sounds like you had a great time. Thank you for sharing! Angharad x


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