I’m back… with one ovary removed! Ovarian cyst operation update…

Another two months has flown by (life, work, finishing off the house extension) but now I finally have time to catch up with blogging as I’m recovering from an operation!

I found out about 5 years ago that I had a large (7cm) cyst on my left ovary. It explained why my periods were irregular and that I had spotting.

It meant I was consultant-led with both pregnancies, in case the cyst toppled and damaged the babies!

It never really caused me any pain, and it was a ‘simple’ cyst so unlikely to turn cancerous. I’d have it checked every 6 months and some consultants would say ‘looks the same, see you in 6 months’ but then one check-up they actually suggested removing it and I thought why not… it would probably save the NHS money in the long-run saving me seeing them every 6 months and there was always a small chance that it could burst and I’d have to have it removed as an emergency.

So after a couple of cancellations yesterday was finally the day. My FIL dropped me off at Llandough hospital at 730am (my OH was on his way home from a weekend in Vegas!). Very organised, lots of questions and checks, straight into a fetching gown and paper pants. At 0830 I’m in the anaesthetic room and then I woke up about 0930.

I was very relaxed going into it. I’ve never had an operation before or had general anaesthetic so I thought I’d feel nervous but I didn’t have much time to dwell on it in the run-up. It was such a smooth process when I got there, I thought there’d be lots of hanging about but again it left me no time to get nervous and all the staff were lovely and friendly, put me at ease. I thought I’d be most nervous at the anaesthetic stage but that was strangely relaxing, a nice feeling of drifting away…

I’m not quite sure where I woke up but then I was back on the ward. I slept in and off for a couple of hours and then by mid-day they were waking me up giving me tea and biscuits, wanting my bed for the next batch of day surgery patients.

At some point during that groggy morning the surgeon came by to tell me that she’d taken my ovary out. She told me this might happen before the operation. It was such a big cyst it was easier to remove the ovary. All done via keyhole surgery as planned. She showed me some photos, I’m not sure they would make sense to me now but they certainly didn’t when I was still very woozy!! I don’t remember her name (Hassan maybe) but I’ll always remember her beautiful brown Mulberry bag!

I’m not that bothered that she had to remove the ovary. We weren’t planning on having any more children, and it’s one less place that I could get cancer in! She said there wouldn’t be any side-effects etc to just having 1 ovary.

So I was home about 1pm, slept all afternoon, as the painkillers wore off last night I was in a bit of pain. So far today I’ve just stayed in bed reading. That area is very tender so hurts a bit if I move around.

Hopefully a couple of days bed rest and I’ll be right as rain. Nice to catch up with reading some books and maybe writing some blogs!

Huge thanks to whole team of NHS staff who cared for me!


4 thoughts on “I’m back… with one ovary removed! Ovarian cyst operation update…”

  1. Whwn they first found your 6cm-7cm cysts that size, did you get fast tracked to hospital out patients to check for cancer? X


    1. You poor thing. Ok as soon as they found mine on a scan, they knew it was a ‘simple cyst’ so wasn’t cancerous. Until I had it removed I got it checked every 6 months or so to see if it had grown but they were never too worried about it becoming cancerous as it was a ‘simple’ cyst.
      I hope everything goes ok with yours xxx

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      1. How come you ended up having it removed?
        I went to my dreaded appointment yesterday and its not cancerous 🙂 i have the cyst, an abscess and pelvic inflammatory BUT not cancer! So im happy with that lol. Im on a two week course of two different antibiotics:)
        Thank you for your reply.
        P.s they said they will scan me again in 4 months to check the cyst has gone down xx


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