11 reasons to visit Thailand (and some of my Thai memories)

If you’re a regular reader you might know that I LOVE travelling.

Phi phi Thailand

I did a fair bit of independent travelling on my own, then with my OH before we had the boys… those long-haul holidays to exotic climes are on hold for a couple of years til the boys are a bit older but it’s nice to reminisce….

In total I’ve probably spent about 2 months in Thailand, it’s an amazing holiday/travel destination and I can’t wait to take the boys there when they’re old enough to appreciate it…. why do I love it?….

  1. Culture – it’s mostly a Buddhist nation… with temples and Buddhas on every corner… some very grand, some more modest. You’ll see Buddhist monks walking around in their robes and if you speak to some of the locals you’ll learn bits about their positive approach to life (and death!)Grand palace Bangkok
  2. Food – it’s amazing, the curries, the noodles and pad Thais, the fresh fruit…. it took me a while to build up the courage to try the street food but you MUST try it… it’s how the locals eat (many city dwellers don’t have a kitchen!) and for a couple of quid you can eat like a king!
  3. Beers – Singha and Chang: both delicious in Thailand’s humid climate! There were always rumours going round that Chang’s alcohol content wasn’t very accurate which was used to explain many a drunken night and hangover!
  4. Beaches – you can’t mention Thailand without mentioning the beaches… I’ve been to a few including some on Koh Samui and Phi Phi but one of my favourites has to be Haat Rin where they hold the legendary Full Moon Parties – for one night a month it’s carnage, the rest of the time it’s paradise… the other beaches on Koh Pangan are too!Sunrise haat rin beach
  5. Finding your own paradise – there are so many beaches and destinations, it’s really hard to choose where to go but the beauty of Thailand is you can just follow your heart and find the most amazing place for you! I loved Pai, a very hippie-ish town a few hours away of Chiangmai and also Koh Chang which was one the less-developed parts I went to… where we hung out with locals, saw fluorescent phosphorus in the sea, slept in huts for less than a pound a night and had some adventures on moped!
  6. Adventures – I went on an amazing 2 day white-water rafting trip in Northern Thailand. We spent the night sleeping in the jungle and saw a cobra swimming across the river! If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, the diving and snorkelling is world-renowned and there’s lots of other things to do… zip wiring, treks, boat trips Thai boxing, cookery etc
  7. Wildlife – amazing place to see exotic creatures like monkeys and elephants in their natural environment. Avoid elephant rides, taking photos with monkeys, tigers etc… if you want to support animal welfare you can spend time volunteering at elephant and/or monkey rescue centresWater buffalo Thailand
  8. Transport – for such a big country, it’s easy to get around between the main touristy destinations. Overnight train sleepers are a great adventure, overnight bus services are surprisingly comfy and internal flights with companies like AirAsia are brilliant – low-budget but good quality! Oh and quite often your journey might involve a boat ride too… bliss! We actually chartered our own fisherman’s boat in Phi Phi!Fishermans boat Thailand
  9. Laid-back pace of life – it is so relaxed compared to British life! Generally people seem happier, more relaxed and happy with their lot. Their relaxed approach can infuriate Westerners especially on long journeys on budget buses where you get dropped off at roadside cafes for an undetermined amount of time…. #memories
  10. Nightlife – I’ve already mentioned beers and food… there is nightlife to suit everyone in this nation… beach bars, beach parties, live music bars, reggae bars, nightclubs and beautiful rooftop cocktail bars in Bangkok.
  11. Budget – I’ve alluded to it already but it can be a cheap place to travel/holiday. As well as slumming it in budget beach huts and guest houses, I did stay in some lovely hotels in Bangkok which had rooftop swimming pools and cost peanuts compared to hotels in the U.K. I’m really looking forward to taking my OH and our boys to explore Thailand in a few years time, can not wait already!

2 thoughts on “11 reasons to visit Thailand (and some of my Thai memories)”

  1. Oh my gosh the food! I am living in Thailand now and just wrote a post about a Mexican joint here, you can’t eat Thai all of the time I suppose haha. Did you try green papaya salad? So good!


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