Mountain view ranch, Caerphilly mountain: A Sunday morning with toddler W 

It’s been a tough few weeks, since our lovely week in Bluestone, my cousin died, mum’s been having chemo for liver cancer, my other half was ill with the flu and both boys got viruses, on top of the 4 months of sleep deprivation!

Soooo it was great to have some one-on-one time with W last Sunday, to dust off the cobwebs we headed to one of my favourite local places – mountain view ranch.

Troll at mountain view ranch

It’s a big old place, we didn’t take the buggy and we had a 2 hour window before his nap so we skipped the fairy forest, Indian village and new treehouse area….

Instead we followed the gruffalo trail with W taking much delight in finding the fox, snake and oil before finally arriving at the Gruffalo and gruffalo’s child, who he called a mouse….

Gruffalo at mountain view ranch
On the gruffalo trail we also stopped at hobbit houses, which he popped into and climbed over. We also passed by the rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and goats but he wasn’t that bothered by them….

Gruffalo'schild at mountain view ranch
All he wanted to do was jump in muddy puddles!

Jumping in muddy puddles, mountain view ranch
He had much fun jumping around, getting me to copy him.. crouching right down before jumping up!

I managed to drag him away in time to get back to the entrance for story time – as it was Halloween there was a witch reading ‘Room on a broom’. W saw the crowd of people surrounding her and opted for the empty slide and play area next to it instead… clever boy!

I usually take a packed lunch for our outings so it was a nice treat to buy food there for the first time. I got us a hot dog, chips and pizza to share (total cost: £10) the hot dog and chips were pretty standard but the pizza was amazing… like something you’d get at a trendy street food van!

Pizza at mountain view ranch
Brownie points for having all the food ready to go, handy for eating out with toddlers! Double brownie points for having tortoises in view of our lunch.. cute!

After lunch we spent ages playing in the sandy play area, W found a spade and transported sand around the place!

Sand play area at mountain view ranch
On our way out we saw the story-telling witch who was very friendly and waved and said hello but W was pretty scared haha!

I wish I’d got a photo of our jeans/joggers – we were covered in mud from the jumping around – sign of a great few hours!

Cost to get in for W and I: £10

Lunch: £10

W ignoring all the attractions and just wanting to jump in muddy puddles and play in sand which we could have done in free places: priceless!

Memories made: a million 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Mountain view ranch, Caerphilly mountain: A Sunday morning with toddler W ”

  1. I absolutely love taking my boys to mountain ranch – the perfect place to getaway and get some much needed fresh air. Sounds like you have had a very hard few months and totally understand the sleep deprivation – feeling the same



  2. Isn’t it funny how little ones go for the simple things in life. It is for just this reason we have created so many “wild adventure” areas a Coombe Mill, it isn’t the expensivee, but the inspiring and messy that appeals to children. That said Mountain View Ranch looks amazing and that Gruffalo is rather special. It made me smile that the witch’s sorry telling was turned down for the chance of an empty play area, my boys would have been the same. why sit and listen when you can run around? It sounds like a welcome few hours for you both at a very tricky time.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


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