Baby S’s 4 month update 

Baby S turned 4 months old on Friday. In his last update I called him a delicate flower and now I would describe him as a sensitive soul!

We’re coming to the end of wonder weeks leap 4 and so it’s been a bit up and down the last few weeks – yesterday he was really grouchy all day, today he’s not really been grouchy at all. But I call him sensitive because he can be fine one minute, and the next he can scream like I’ve never seen a scream before! Bless him 😍

Routine, sleeping and feeding 

Still no routine other than our bath-bottle-bed routine.

Still wakes up on average every 2 hours in the night. (Has a feed and usually goes back to sleep quickly) This week we had 2 of our best nights where he did 3 hour stretches. :0

In the daytime he naps for half hour (I can set my clock by him!) every 2-2.5 hours or so.

He still grazes his feeds, and on average probably has a couple of ounces every couple of hours. This can be so up and down though, a few weeks ago he could do 6oz in one go, but now it’s back to smaller amounts.

Health, weight etc

Dare I say it, a month of no issues! He does still suffer badly from wind though, I do wonder if it’s silent reflux and whether to take him to the doc’s….

He will now only feed sat in his bouncer (or equivalent) and even then can writhe in pain sometimes, but not every time. The sitting in his bouncer thing I find strange but I googled it and thankfully found plenty of other babies doing the same.

He usually (but not always) screams on car journeys which is another sign of silent reflux.

He’s still small so I’m always trying to feed him up, hence the grazing, so if he drinks more sat in his bouncer that’s fine by me (even though I wish he was cwtched in on my lap!)
I haven’t had him weighed for ages, I’m always a bit nervous to, to be honest in case he’s dropped down further as there’s not much more I can do feeding-wise! He is growing out of clothes so I know he is growing, he’s long and slim! He’s in some 0-3 and some 3-6 month clothes.

He’s having his third jabs this week so maybe I’ll get him weighed then.

Any milestones?

  • He can grab his feet (And can grab on to his toys etc)
  • He can now screech. :0
  • He can nearly sit up, I’m putting him in his snug baby chair every now and again just for a few minutes at a time

What we’ve been up to
Baby S had his first overnight stay in a hotel when we went to a wedding in Kent

Then he had his first holiday when we spent a week in Bluestone 🙂 here’s us at the zoo!

Babywearing in folly farm in front of giraffes!
He now has swimming lessons every week.

Other than that, and catching up with my besties and their babies a couple of times, we haven’t done much. I’ll aim to start going to classes/baby groups/meet ups the next few weeks but as I said before having him, I’m not gonna go mad with busy-ness this time around!
Actually he really enjoyed a baby sensory class we did at Bluestone, so will be nice to try that this time around!


  • Sitting in his bouncer, kicking away
  • His big brother
  • Bath time
  • Being bounced especially when he’s sat down on my knees!


  • Car journeys
  • Loud noises like people sneezing or his brother making a loud dinosaur noise!

How does this compare to your 4 month old?! Read his older brother’s 4 month update here to compare 🙂

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