40 weeks pregnant: Due date! 

Today’s my due date… And no sign of baby bean! It’s a strange feeling, I was always half expecting to be induced by now, and everyone kept saying your second usually comes early… Yet nothing!

40 weeks pregnant
40 weeks pregnant


Over the weekend I started having a few cramps here and there but nothing serious! The last couple of days I’ve felt exhausted… Not sure of that is a sign of my body getting ready?! *Clutching at straws!* I’m so exhausted I’m wondering how on earth I will find the energy for labour but it must be my body resting before the big event!

I’ve got a consultant appointment Thursday, if my blood pressure is high I suspect they might keep me in and induce me that night.

Just today I’ve booked to see the community midwife tomorrow… I’m hoping she might be able to see whether I’m dilated at all. (Whereas I’m not sure I would ordinarily get to see a midwife on Thursday in hospital)

What I’ve been up to

Since the last update I’ve had a lovely time… W was with the childminder for his usual days (mon-thurs) so:

Wednesday – can’t remember!

Thursday I had a fab mum-to-be massage at Ener-Chi in Radyr which my sister had treated me to, really nice! And I followed it up with lunch in a nice local cafe (orchards ) 

Friday my aunt came to visit and to help out with W in my heavily pregnant state… We had lots of house and garden fun including painting! She babysat while he napped so I could meet an old friend for lunch at the lovely Fino lounge 

Saturday – I took W over to my friend’s for a playdate in the morning, and we watched the football in the afternoon (go Wales!) My OH finally put together our Snuzpod (co-sleeping cot) 🙂

Sunday – had started feeling exhausted by this point but dragged myself out to chase meerkats (prairie dogs!) at Warren mill farm again (W’s favourite activity) followed by Wagamamas in Cardiff bay 🙂

Yesterday – apart from getting the car serviced and doing a food shop, I managed to chill out a bit! While the car was in the garage, I found a lovely cafe that’s not long opened – Caffi cwtch – I plan to take baby there 🙂

Today – as it was D-day my friend suggested meeting for lunch and a browse around our lovely local garden centre, Pugh’s. It was a lovely few hours and a welcome distraction despite my exhaustion! 

It’s been nice having a bit of ‘me time’ knowing that I might not have it again for a while!

And now here I am….  


I still don’t feel ready… But I’m not sure if I ever will. I’m hoping he makes an appearance this weekend… Father’s Day would be nice!

I think they let you go 2 weeks over before inducing/sweeping you… 2 weeks seems like a very long time. If he’s not here by the weekend I think I’ll be trying all the methods to try and get him out 🙂

I was reading my old blog posts earlier from when I was expecting W. I was worried about labour, but also whether I’d bond with baby and know what to do. This time around I’m worried about labour, but also whether he’s ok. I’m guessing it’s because this pregnancy has come with a lot more stress, but also as it’s our second, we know what’s at stake!

I’ll keep you posted on developments – wish me luck! Xx


10 thoughts on “40 weeks pregnant: Due date! ”

  1. Wow, I cant believe its finally your due date! It feels like we are one of the last ones standing at the moment. 39 weeks for us today and I keep wondering when he’ll make an appearence after thinking in the back of my mind for the last few weeks that this one will come early. Wishful thinking I guess as my first was late! Fingers crossed we both dont have too much longer to wait, come on babies! 😉 Emily


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