Hospital bags for labour are packed: checklist and tips 

With just over a week to go I’ve finally finished packing my hospital bags. Now last time around I packed a lot of stuff, got taken in and induced early (without my bags) so I didn’t really end up using much that I’d packed… I also didn’t shower there so didn’t use any of the toiletries!

My top essentials for labour last time were:

  • Drinking straws (makes it so much easier to drink, whatever position you’re in!)
  • Lavender oil on a hankie… Smelling this kept me relaxed 
  • Face sprays/mists 

This time around I’ve packed a bit lighter and assumed an overnight stay. I’ve also split the bags into one for mum, one for baby. (Last time I tried labour and post-labour)

hospital bags packed!
hospital bags packed!
Let’s start with mummy’s bag… The good old faithful Cath Kidston that a bestie bought me 🙂

I’ve packed:

  • A bag of energy snacks (brunch bars), 2 bottles of lucozade, 2 bottles of water
  • Drinking straws 
  • A bag of toiletries….

toiletries for my hospital bag
toiletries for my hospital bag
The right-hand side is for labour:

  • Elemis lavender toner spray and Body Shop vitamin E face mist… Both blissful!
  • Lavender oil and a hanky to sniff it from (helps me relax)
  • Plain massage oil – doubt I will use it but just in case I demand a back rub from my OH!
  • Sanctuary foot and leg gel – another blissful treat for aching legs and cankles!
  • Lip balm for the gas-and-air dry mouth/lips

On the left-hand side is stuff I might use post-labour:

  • Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel – just small samples I’ve gotten free with stuff 
  • Deodorant
  • Face cream
  • BB foundation (the thing I’m most unlikely to use but you never know!)
  • Just realised I need to pack my toothpaste and toothbrush too! And a hairbrush!

Also in mummy’s bag the not-very-glamorous but essential:

  • Pants
  • Nursing Bra
  • Sanitary towels 
  • Breast pads 
  • Clothes to go home in – lounging bottoms and a t-shirt!
  • Paracetamol – a friend gave me this tip last time around, they can come in handy post-labour as you could literally be waiting hours for your prescription to come through!

But on the more exciting side I’ve packed a brand new nighty and pyjamas that I bought in the M&S sale for a total of £15… Lovely bird print, been saving them to wear for the big event or just after as I was in totally scruffy old stuff last time!

M&S maternity bird print nighty and pyjamas
M&S maternity bird print nighty and pyjamas
Now for baby’s bag. This is a brand new bag we were given by toTs by Smartrike, I’ll do a proper review once we start using it properly but in the meantime I must tell you I’m really impressed with it… High quality/finish and bags of space!

baby's hospital bag by tots  by smartrike
baby’s hospital bag by tots by smartrike
Inside I’ve packed:

  • A selection of newborn clothes – couple of vests, couple of sleepsuits, couple of outfits… Should cover all weather eventualities! The sleepsuits were worn by W as a baby, the other items are brand new and featured in our recent haul post if you fancy a closer look!

first clothes for our newborn
first clothes for our newborn
Then we have:

  • About 8 nappies – we are kindly sent a big pack of Asda’s new nappies to try out – their nappies sound upgraded since we last used them when W was a baby – they now have newborn nappies with ‘Dreamskin’ technology which helps keep their skin moisturised and temperature regulated which sound great 
  • Wet wipes – A travel pack of water wipes – we were also sent these to try which I’m really looking forward to trying, should be less faff than water and cotton wool!
  • Cotton wool just in case!
  • Little samples of nappy cream
  • A blanket (crocheted by my aunt!)

some of baby's hospital bag essentials
some of baby’s hospital bag essentials

And I think that’s it!

  • My hospital notes are currently living on top of the bags so we remember those too
  • Must remember my phone charger, also the TENS machine if I’m not already using it as we’re en route 

If I end up being induced again I’ll take another bag packed with books, magazines, my iPad and lots of snacks!

Anything I’ve missed? What was in your hospital bags?!

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17 thoughts on “Hospital bags for labour are packed: checklist and tips ”

  1. Gosh I remember packing all my bags back in 2013… there seemed to be loads to take and really I needed very little. Good Luck with it all, love the cath kidston bag!


  2. I’m not sure if I can even remember what I packed but felt like I didn’t use much of it. Just packed clothes for the baby since they give you everything else at the hospital. Good thinking on the comfy clothes. Good Luck!#KCACOLS


  3. OMG! The outfit with the whales! I’m in love with it!

    My hospital bag was pretty much everything ever that I might need all hastily stuffed into a very uncool duffel bag with a broken handle. Classy mama!



  4. I was seriously the worst when it came to packing my hospital bag… procrastinated like crazy and I always forgot stuff hahaha I think if someone asked me what I regret not bringing, it would be my body pillow or any pillow really…those hospital beds/pillows are not comfortable at all!!


  5. The Tots bag looks like a good one! Ahh drinking straws are such a must – I didn’t bring paracetamol but such a great idea as I was waiting and in quite a lot of pain. I remember bringing a few other things for post-labour that I could easily eat like dried fruit; I had a c-section so it wasn’t too easy to move around. I second Asda nappies and Water wipes, both essentials in our house so be interested what you think of them too! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well #KCACOLS


  6. Oh you are so ready for this! Very well prepared! So exciting! I love water wipes. We use them for the whole first year. They are really good. Good luck with all! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS and also thank you for commenting a lot! I really appreciate that. I would love to see you again tomorrow, 🙂 xx


  7. Very prepared! You seem to have it all covered. Like you, the first time I took literally everything but the kitchen sink, yet forgot nappies. By my third I packed my bag the morning before I went into labour luckily! I definitely think a bag for baby and a bag for mummy is the best plan! Helps Daddy find everything in my opinion #KCACOLS


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