Changing bag wishlist 

When I wrote the newborn wishlist I totally forgot to include a changing bag on there.

We’ve been using our Cath-Kidston-esque one from Next for aaagges now and it does the job but there’s no way it will be big enough to carry enough kit for a toddler and baby…. So….

I’ve always loved Cath Kidston bags, I currently love this ‘button smart’ one and it currently has £15 off so is down to £95… So smart! I love the matching accessories too…

I also love the ‘British birds’ bag, which is down to £80 after the £15 off… So pretty and girly (would love to see my OH using it ;)) 

As well as Cath Kidston, I’ve always really fancied treating myself to a Pink lining ‘yummy mummy’ bag. Looking at the current range, I think my favourite is this ‘busy bees’ one, it has a bit of a retro vibe. These retail at £79 but I did see some of last season’s in TK Maxx last weekend, I think for about £50… I might have to go back to see if they’re still there! 

While I was looking at these bags, I came across this GORGEOUS zebra range on their website…

I normally avoid changing bags that look like big handbags but I’d make an exception for this gorgeous print, so different and quirky… Want, want, want!!   (Also, looks like it might be wipe-clean which would be a bonus!) These cost £75-£79, I’m sure I’ve seen a rucksack version around too but couldn’t find it on their website 😦

Talking of bags that look/don’t look like handbags… I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talking about changing bags by toTs by SmarTrike so I had a look and they do look fab, good value starting at £65 (so they’re the cheapest on this wishlist) and I like their use of plain, unisex colours… Oh and they’re rucksacks which I quite like idea of trying. Here’s my fave:


I’m about to finish work so should have time for some research and shopping! They all cost WAY more than I’d spend on a bag for myself but I’ve learnt you do get your money’s worth out of them in the amount that you use them!

Decisions, decisions… Are there any other bags I should look at (that don’t look too much like oversized handbags)?! 

Small print: I wasn’t asked to/paid to write this. All the images are taken from the brands’ websites 

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16 thoughts on “Changing bag wishlist ”

  1. I had a Yummy Mummy bag in peppermint with the cupcake first time around, second time around I had the Mama Et Bebe Pink Lining bag in pink. I loved both and thoroughly recommend this brand.


  2. I really love these bags but I just couldn’t justify the spend tbh. £80 plus on a bag? you’ve gotta be bloody kidding. we got a regular change bag for around £30 or so. and jubby wanted something fairly neutral for when he was out and about with bubba #KCACOLS


  3. Fabulous picks, I don’t need a changing bag but just loves bags in general and I love the look of some of the pink linings bags! #kcacols


  4. Ooooh i love a good bag! Changing bags are no exception. I got a plain black one before Mini R was born but then desperately ‘needed’ a Cath Kidston one so the hubby treated me to the red polka dot one and I have to say, its amazing. I’m looking forward to using it again when we have a second….although I do love the blue button one ❤ #KCACOLS


  5. We have a Tots by Smartrike bag (the one in your pic actually) and a Cath Kidston one. The Cath Kidston is my favourite because it’s so roomy and pretty and easy to organise everything, but I really like that the Tots one is a rucksack too. Helpful when baby is in a carrier. #KCACOLS


    1. Ah great to know that the Cath Kidston ones are roomy… And I’ve since found a Facebook group where I could probably pick up a second hand one 😉 but yeah I also hope to baby carry this time around, in which case I do like the idea of a backpack… Decisions, decisions! Xx

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  6. I love that Cath Kidston spotty one, gorgeous. We use a PacaPod but I struggle to fit everything in for my two year old so no idea what I’m going to do with a baby too, better get researching! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


    1. Ooh keep me posted if you find something! I never really liked the look of PacaPod’s but they look huge so I’m surprised you need a bigger one… Good luck shopping! Xx


  7. Great options. I don’t use a changing bag anymore. Sienna is now 21 months and she needs less things now. I normally have a Longchamp bag to go out and about and put there what my 2 girls need. I have a Pink Lining bag. They have gorgeous bags and their quality is amazing.I still use their changing mat and clear zip bag. The other bag that we used a lot was from Storksak. This brand is just amazing. High quality! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It was great having you here for the first time. Thanks for joining us again this week too. So sorry for my late comment, x


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