Review of the year 2015: life and blogging

I’m glad to see the back of 2015, it’s been the hardest year of my life due to my dad dying in April… The grief and fall-out is something I still face on a daily basis. On top of that my mum recently had an op to remove a small bit of bowel cancer… (She should be fine!) and this sounds like nothing in comparison… But we had to put our oldest cat down as she had started to suffer from dementia… Sad and stressful!

Of course I have so much to be thankful for… I have my health, my home, a new job and of course my man and my boy 🙂 The best bits of this year have been watching W transition from a baby to a toddler… Taking his first steps, saying his first words. So many lovely memories of sunny days out and about… And holidays to Menorca, Bluestone and much-needed girly time in Lisbon.

I already have lots to look forward to in 2016 which I’ll blog about soon. I’m not one for resolutions but I would like to get fitter and eat a bit healthier! And this sounds so cliche but my dad dying makes me want to be a better, kinder person but that’s something that will take longer to perfect 😉

On to the blog, well with going back to work I’ve blogged less and been less active with other bloggers. However, my traffic has doubled this year as blogs I wrote last year do so well on Google… So it’s an effortless hobby really! As my traffic’s grown I’ve had more brands getting in touch and more invites to events but I’ve still not managed to attend one yet… Let’s hope I find the time next year!

So in reverse order, here were the top 5 posts on the blog this year…

5 – REVIEW: Avent breast shells. An oldie but a goodie, I don’t think anyone else has blogged about these (which is why I blogged about it in the first place!) so it ranks pretty well on Google

4 –  REVIEW: Clarins mum to be treatment. A blogging highlight had to be that even a friend of mine stumbled upon this post when she was looking for reviews!

3 – Bepanthen offer in Boots – so many people search for Bepanthen toys… They really should start selling them!

2 – 9 baby groups to attend in Cardiff (or anywhere really) – this went a bit viral locally when I published it in March… But since then it’s done well on Google for searches like ‘baby classes in Cardiff’ or ‘messy play tesco’

1 – Battle of the baby chairs… Bumbo vs Snug. It gives me great pleasure that every day hundreds of parents google about which baby chair to get and they find my post 🙂

As you can see, really all of these are reviews of products/services that I’ve paid for myself. It still baffles me that more bloggers don’t do the same and blog reviews of their favourite products, rather than just things sent to them by companies… Which are often unlikely to be searched for by anyone!

As 4 out of the top 5 were written in 2014, maybe I should think of retiring…. But I still have a few more things to blog about… So watch this space!

if you enjoyed this you might enjoy last year’s review and top 5 posts.

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9 thoughts on “Review of the year 2015: life and blogging”

  1. Glad to read that you still have lots to blog about! I like reviews where people have paid for the product actually. Sometimes it’s obvious that the item is something the blogger wouldn’t normally be interested in, and then it doesn’t seem sincere. I’ve started to get a handful of review offers but I’m determined not to accept everything, only things that actually interest me. I’ll keep reviewing the stuff we actually buy too, and the days out we have. I hope 2016 is a fantastic year for you! Looking forward to reading more of your posts. xx


    1. Thanks sweetie… Yeah so much to write about, never enough time! Glad you’re of the same mindset as me on reviews… I look forward to your 2 under 2 adventures this year 🙂 xxxx


      1. There really aren’t enough hours in the day! I’ve had some lovely comments on my blog recently, and haven’t found time to check their blogs out on return. I feel bad! I might actually do it tonight if Iris sleeps. Thanks! I’m guessing having 2 under 2 is going to be a huge adventure with lots to write about! xx


  2. Lovely round up, Heledd.

    I’m cutting down reviews for PRs next year and intend to write about things I’ve bought that i find useful so very interesting to read about your experiences regarding reviews. Having said that, I’m not particularly bothered about stats and will most likely be losing the Tots badge as I don’t think a number reflects my blog’s worth.

    Looking forward to reading more from you in 2016.



  3. I have been a bit of a rubbish blogger this year too, I must be better at commenting! Here’s to a better 2016 for you, and to more brilliant posts! I’m going to re-read your bumbo v snug one now, as I’m tempted to get one for Parker! xx


  4. I love that you included your top posts as well as a review of your personal experiences this year! I’m sorry to read about your dad, and your mum’s recent operation but I hope she makes a really fast recovery! Thank you for linking up to share your year!

    Liked by 1 person

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