Weeks 19-20 of being a mummy – more smiles and sunshine!

W's cousin and bampa at Porthcawl beach

Little W turned 20 weeks old on Saturday 🙂 We’ve had a cracking couple of weeks… the sun has been shining again and baby W is generally very smiley, chatty and occasionally giggly 🙂

Victoria Park, Cardiff
Victoria Park, Cardiff

We’ve had a lovely few days out, just the 2 of us… one of the things that’s fab about maternity leave is checking out places on your doorstep so e.g. a walk around Victoria Park in Cardiff followed by a lovely pancake! We spent his 20 week birthday in a static caravan with his grandparents in beautiful Porthcawl….

W's cousin and bampa at Porthcawl beach
W’s cousin and bampa at Porthcawl beach


W kicks. A lot. In his bouncer, on the floor, when you hold him, on the changing table…. I think he’s worked out that h can make a noise/vibrations when he kicks….

The last few days he’s also started arching his back when lying on the floor (like a yoga move!) – I’m not sure what he will do from here – shuffle backwards maybe??

He pulled the owl for the first time last week!! For those that have the Fisherprice Woodlands bouncer, you’ll know what this means! He’s close to being able to grab the butterflies in his play gym… it’s great seeing his determination and inquisitiveness to reach for these things!


He had his 3rd jabs last week – screamed more then usual but was ok afterwards. He got weighed the same day, and is over the 15lb mark so still very healthy and following the right trendline! (25th percentile – still in 0-3 months clothes, apart from sleepsuits where this week he’s finally in 3-6 months!)


STILL non-existent! No, seriously, he seems to have come out of his ‘4 month sleep regression’ – we’ve had a couple of nights where he’s slept for 6 hour stints (e.g. 1030 – 430) but usually he will still wake around 11-12 and then at 3-4….zzzzzz……

Our new routine

September brought with it some new groups and classes so…

Mondays – every other Monday there’s a new mother/baby group (Bambino’s) a few minutes walk away

Tuesdays – our busy day – we’ve just started ‘TinyTalk’ (baby signing) in the mornings, and we do mother/baby yoga (pureyoga) in the afternoons

Wednesdays – our regular mother/baby group (Jellybabies) in a nearby village (Taff’s Well) – a few friends go to this occasionally too

Thursdays – free day! I’ve just found out that the local council gym just a short walk away, has a crèche on Thurs mornings so I could go to some classes – I plan to try it this week – we’ll see!

Fridays – in middle-class problems style, our cleaner comes for 2 hours in the afternoon to hoover, scrub the bathrooms, kitchen etc. So my mornings are spent tidying up so that she doesn’t tidy our stuff away and so that she can get to the floor!

We did try a Welsh music/singing/dancing group on a Friday morning but I think it was better for toddles, so we’ll try that again once he’s a bit older


Look at these cutie booties we got in Tesco for £2!

Zebra booties from Tesco
Zebra booties from Tesco

Other news

We have found a childminder! Will blog about that separately…

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13 thoughts on “Weeks 19-20 of being a mummy – more smiles and sunshine!”

  1. Those booties are adorable!! Yet again I can’t make that Wednesday group this week, sorry. A friend from Bristol is coming to visit. Some of those other groups you attend sound great though! Are any of them workable for me, do you think? xx


      1. At the moment I only go to a breastfeeding support group on a Thursday. There’s a group in Ponty on Tuesday mornings that I always mean to go to, but it’s at 10am and I’m rarely dressed by then!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Did I ever tell you there’s another baby girl called Iris who goes to that group I go to on a Wednesday – so you HAVE to come! I won’t be there next week but will be the week after 🙂 x


  2. Sounds like we have similar tastes in baby classes! I did baby yoga with my first, with Pure Yoga and absolutely loved it, and I have done Tiny Talk with all three of them. A few of my friends go to Bambinos but with my other children, I’ve never made it. It’s lovely going out and about and meeting other mums and seeing your babies interact though. x


  3. Just stumbled upon your lovely blog. Our babies are the same age, I’m finding great comfort in knowing I’m not the only one with a bubs waking a few times a night!


    1. Hi Ali, thanks for calling by – I’ll have to check out your blog! It really is nice to hear from other parents in the same boat – my OH only seems to meet people who’s babies started sleeping through really early aarghghhghg! xx


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