Week 4 – 4th week of being a mummy – wind and trips out!

4 weeks today our little W was born, and what a week this week has been!

The bad

  • Daddy had to go away for 2 nights with work… Pretty sad for all 3 of us 😦
  • A few bad nights sleep… Similar to last week, we’re having unpredictable nights… Sometimes he’ll settle in his Moses basket, sometimes he won’t! We try a variety of tricks, candles, white noise apps, heating etc but seems to be pot luck as to how well he settles!
  • Wind! Little W has gotten a lot more windy this week, poor little thing! So adds another task to the feeding, changing, sleeping cycle (variety is the spice of life eh !?) Also related to this, he poos less often… So fewer nappy changes but when he does poo my gosh they can fill a nappy (and seep out, gross!)

The Good

  • Little W still getting stronger, cuter and louder by the day! We love his cute noises and expressions so much:)
  • Trips with mummy – while daddy was away this week, my sister came to stay…

Tuesday – was supposed to visit some family but cancelled after a bad nights sleep as didn’t think it was a good idea driving for over 2 hours! Lazy day

Wednesday – got as far as McDonald’s and a visit to the hospital to drop off a thank you card and gift to the midwife who delivered W

Thursday – with the help of my sister we took W into town (Cardiff city centre) for the first time... We had fun working out how the bugaboo and maxi-cosi combo worked… Had an amazing lunch at torre cafe (very baby/ family-friendly, great food and cool decor, crockery etc) wi took a look round some non maternity clothes shops 🙂 then we had coffee and a cake… Perfect afternoon!


Delicious quiche and salad at Torre cafe, Cardiff
Delicious quiche and salad at Torre cafe, Cardiff

Friday – I did the same trip into town by myself eeek!
Crazy the things to get nervous about..
Where to park to be able to get the car seat out with space
What if I can’t get the pushchair to work ?!
What if he screams and won’t stop crying!?
What if he needs feeding? (I try and time these trips in the afternoon when he sleeps the most!)

I had nothing to fear, met my mate for lunch and she kindly chose the cafe in very mum-friendly John Lewis (I checked out the feeding areas they have there, and was encouraged to see women breastfeeding in the cafe itself)
After lunch I took him into work and was there for about an hour passing him around for cuddles and catching up with people!
Then we called in to see his nan at work – she loved showing him off to colleagues!

I couldn’t stop smiling as I pushed him back to the car park… The day had felt like a real accomplishment and my confidence had gone through the roof…. We can go anywhere and do anything now W!

More good stuff

  • Monday we took him for a newborn photoshoot with the amazing and lovely Leah Roberts. We were there for 4 hours as he needed feeding a couple of times but he behaved apart from pooing and peeing over Leah… A lot! Amazing what goes on when the nappy comes off 🙂 Haven’t got the photos back yet but pretty sure she got some amazingly cute shots!
  • I’m back in my fave Diesel pre-maternity jeans 🙂
    My body isn’t quite back to normal but it’s getting there… I have good genes and breastfeeding to thank for that!
  • Presents and purchases…..
    The presents keep coming!


Fab romper suit from mummy's friend Haf, from BlueZoo (?) at Debenhams
Fab romper suit from mummy’s friend Haf, from BlueZoo (?) at Debenhams
Gorgeous Jasper Conran (Debenhams) outfit from Daddy's colleagues
Gorgeous Jasper Conran (Debenhams) outfit from Daddy’s colleagues
Toy and books from mummy's friend Carys - she also gave us a bag of nappies, accessories etc that her twins had grown out of :)
Toy and books from mummy’s friend Carys – she also gave us a bag of nappies, accessories etc that her twins had grown out of 🙂
I bought these milestone cards for photos with W - love them!
I bought these milestone cards for photos with W – love them!

How did you feel about going out and about with your 4-week old? When did your body get back to normal? When did the sleep patterns get back to normal? I’d love to hear from you!

Read my previous weekly updates here – week 1, week 2 and week 3.


11 thoughts on “Week 4 – 4th week of being a mummy – wind and trips out!”

  1. My little boy is now 6 months old. I couldn’t go out on my own until 6 weeks due to C Section. In a way I’m glad, utterly terrifying to do it for the first time. Just did little trips to start with on my own. But enjoy being able to go out for lunch etc in those early days cos baby sleeps. We can’t do that now cos he’s awake and wants entertaining! Remember the first screaming whilst out – was in Debenhams – I was mortified! Still not comfortable with it. As for sleeping, we had a nightmare in the evenings until I discovered the Blissful Baby expert. My boy would scream 7-10 then pass out exhausted after his feed. He did however, sleep through at about 10 weeks. We’ve now solved the problem in the evenings and he goes down at 7 with little fuss. Seems like he wants to keep us on our toes though – every few weeks a new issue with sleeping to solve. It’s all good fun!!!


    1. Thanks Jane – I’m totally trying to make the most of trips out while he’s asleep as I can only imagine how much harder it is as they get older! At the same time I’m making the most of chilling out at home with him too – especially when we have rainy days and we have plenty of those 🙂
      Thanks for mentioning Blissful Baby Expert – I’ve heard good things about the book and I think they offer help via email so I will definitely look into that in a few weeks if he’s not sleeping through when he could be!
      Thanks again x


  2. When mine was a month old we got into an RV with my parents and did a road trip from Southern California, to Vancouver. It went really well. We just repeated the trip 4 years later and it was even more fun! My body is still not back to normal – 4 years later – though I’m training for a half marathon in August so hopefully I’ll be in great shape by then. My daughter and I co-sleep, and it made it so much easier to go straight back to sleep when she was nursing all the time.

    I remember those poops that escape the diaper and go straight up the back!


    1. Oh wow how awesome to jump in an RV and hit the road! We love our travels so hopefully will have our first family holiday over the next few weeks…
      Thanks for calling by and leaving a comment, I just checked out your blog, it’s great and I liked your Mexican adventure… I holidayed at puerto del Carmen years ago 🙂 x


    1. Oooh thanks for the tip Emily – I’ll have to check out Debenhams too although I did walk through there the other day and had to turn around as I couldn’t find the lift lol!
      Definitely proud moments 🙂 lots of love x


  3. This post has really made me realise how much my baby isn’t a newborn anymore! He’s 7 months, but it’s just mad how much everythings changed, reading about your trip to town was what got me thinking. I wish I had a John Lewis near me, there is nowhere here I could go to feed my little one, always ended up in the car 😦 was impressed when I went to Liverpool for the day and found the luxury of John Lewis’ baby room! xx


    1. Hi Catriona – it’s nice that you said that about yours, makes me realise I’m doing the right thing writing about him so I can track these weeks and months as he changes!
      Yeah I’m very happy about John Lewis – I’m sure I will be using it quite a bit and actually our local NCT runs a bumps and babies coffee morning that I could check out… I can’t imagine feeding him in the car but I’m sure I’ll be doing that myself one day unfortunately 😦
      thanks for commenting 🙂 x


  4. I absolutely loved getting out and about with Potato when he was a couple ofweeks old. We have a Waitrose in a good walking distance and on a sunny day I’d wander over for a free coffee. I was happy to bf there and loved how everybody coo’d over my beautiful baby. I’d buy an ice cream to eat on the way home and enjoy every second of it 🙂


    1. oh that’s so sweet, bet they are happy memories for you! I haven’t got too many places within walking distance but I might start hopping in the car to go for a coffee as it’s a good idea and gets us out – Waitrose is a good shout! Thanks for inspiring me 🙂 x


  5. When I had my daughter, we went out within the first week as I needed to take my son to school. We love the walk to and from school! And we really enjoy walks around town and go to baby/toddler groups too. Getting out and about for further distances had me worried to start with. We travelled 3 hours to Flamingo Land when she was 10 months and I managed to over pack but it was a fun day! Like you, I don’t drive when I’ve had very little sleep. My body got back to normal about 3 months after my daughter but about a year after I’d had my son. Our sleep patterns improved with both my son and daughter when they were weaning.


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