Week 3 – 3rd week of being a mummy – sleepless nights!

Can’t believe our little man is 3 weeks old… nearly a month old! This week’s definitely been the toughest week due to sleep deprivation which I’ll come on to later but first let’s focus on the positives which far outweigh the negatives ๐Ÿ™‚

Week 3 highlights

No words required
No words required
  • I still love him SO much – I love it when he’s awake and looking around (not that often!!), I love his headbanging move and the ‘fist confusion’ when feeding, I love how sound asleep he is when I hold him… I love watching him have Daddy cwtches… I love his little noises whether he’s awake or asleep…. love, love, love….
  • More visitors this week – 2 of my good friends – it’s been so nice hosting visitors, they all adore him and it’s broken my week up nicely!
  • Sunday was sunny and we over to the in-laws for sunday dinner then sat in their garden all afternoon – was funny seeing W sleep through all sorts of drilling and other loud DIY noises being made by his Bampa!
  • Monday was also sunny and daddy was home so I decided to tag on to one of their walks – my first ‘proper’ walk since giving birth so I may have pushed myself a bit too hard as we ended up being out for a couple of hours… in the heat… with me wearing jeans as I still need to dig out summer clothes that fit! On the plus side – great exercise for me, W slept through it all (as per usual) and we stumbled upon a local delight which I’d not been to before: Insole Court
Insole Court, a Victorian mansion in our Cardiff neighbourhood
Insole Court, a Victorian mansion in our Cardiff neighbourhood
  • Wed and Thurs some of mummy’s good friends visited which was lovely for me to catch up with them and lovely for W to get even more cwtches (Welsh cuddles)
  • Friday – the health visitor weighed him and he’s now 8lb 6oz! So 1lb 4oz heavier than his birth weight – all on target and unbelievable that my milk alone can do that!
  • Friday afternoon I took him out in the car by myself to see a friend…. it was a sense of achievement 1) fitting the car seat by myself (thank god for youTube videos!) and 2) driving miss daisy! Next challenge: car plus pram!
  • In addition to all the gifts I listed in his haul, his presents keep acoming….
Beautiful booties and blanket from The White Company, from a supplier at work
Beautiful booties and blanket from The White Company, from a supplier at work
Cutest outfit ever from mummy's mate Gemma - from Next
Cutest outfit ever from mummy’s mate Gemma – from Next
Gifts from a Great Aunt and Uncle - outfit from Next, bibs from Tu and a Welsh T-shirt!
Gifts from a Great Aunt and Uncle – outfit from Next, bibs from Tu and a Welsh T-shirt!
Present for mummy and daddy from a work supplier - champers and chocs
Present for mummy and daddy from a work supplier – champers and chocs
Next butterfly scarf for mummy from her mate Gemma :)
Next butterfly scarf for mummy from her mate Gemma ๐Ÿ™‚

Sleepless nights

So either because of the hot weather and/or a growth spurt (according to internet sources) or maybe as I dared to suggest last week that we had some routines… this week, we had some tough nights!

  • Sunday night he was a bit grisly all night
  • Monday night he woke for a feed every hour (instead of his usual 2-3)
  • Tuesday night was better – we gave him a big feed before bed (including some expressed milk), gave him a bath, burnt lavender candles in the bedroom and put one of his ‘daytime blankets’ on top of his moses basket mattress…. also, we packed daddy off to the spare room as he needed his sleep after the previous 2 nights…. and normal service was resumed – fed about 11pm, 2am, 4.30am…. also, I didn’t change his nappy between about 10pm and 4.30am (health visitor suggested that if there was only pee/light poo then not to worry about night changing)
  • Alas, it was not to stay like that.. Wednesday night was tough…. he had a mammoth 2 hour feed in the evening (9pm-11pm-ish) so I figured he’d have a great nights’ sleep but no I ended up feeding him on and off for about 4 hours (between 2.30am and 6.30am) – every time I put him down, he wanted more – I couldn’t believe this little man could be so hungry!
  • Thursday night – another big feed but earlier on – I think it was about 1.30am-3.30am. Our tranquil turtle nightlight had stopped working, so I was struggling with light and checking every time I put him down – so I took him and the moses basket to the spare room and as soon as we settled in there, he slept through from 3.30 til 7.30 = Bliss!!!ย 
  • In the spare room he was right next to me, so we decided to try that in our bedroom on Friday night (whereas he was at the foot of our bed)… he went a while without feeds (his main feed now seems to be between 11 and 2, instead of 3-5) but now he keeps struggling to settle in the basket despite loving being sound asleep on mummy/daddy

Every night is unpredictable.. wonder how he’ll be over the next few weeks…


Other bits ‘n’ bobs

  • He’s had spots on his face pretty much since he was born – the health visitor suggested he might be allergic to mummy and daddy’s bio washing powder/fabric conditioner so we’re going to switch to his non-bio and/or wash everything together (we had been keeping his stuff separate)
  • He also had a nappy rash last week and early this week – we tried a couple of creams but the one that worked for us is Bepanthen – it’s all cleared up now ๐Ÿ™‚
  • He peed on his face when I was changing his nappy one time – ooooops!

So that’s it ’til next week – catch up with our Week 1 and Week 2 updates if you haven’t already ๐Ÿ™‚


11 thoughts on “Week 3 – 3rd week of being a mummy – sleepless nights!”

  1. ooo I’m in a similar position as you hun! My little boy is 2 weeks older but is very hungry so I’m very sleep deprived lol x glad to know I’m not the only one! ๐Ÿ˜€ Loving that all in one outfit from next xx


    1. Thanks for calling by, I just read your month 1 update and I think our boys actually sound quite similar! It’s so rewarding feeding them but so tiring eh!? And yeah can’t wait to dress him in that outfit (and go mad shopping in next !) xx


    1. Thanks Jenna – I will try – crazy how much he’s growing and changing already ๐Ÿ™‚

      PS I know – can’t wait to put him in that! I’ve been very well-behaved at not buying any clothes for him yet but just seen another camper shirt in Boots that was very cute…..


  2. First off, Congratulations! Our first was a little boy (now 2.5) and we have a little girl on her way, only four weeks left now!

    You had me wondering what cwtches was for a bit. I was wondering if Daddy cwtches was meant to be Daddy catches and you had hit the W instead of A on accident. I am curious to know how that is pronounced, as it actually looks quite unpronounceable! ๐Ÿ™‚ again congratulations and have fun.


  3. I love all the stash photos – the postman seems to be there all the time when you’ve just had a baby! Oh, and never try to fathom why a new baby does stuff – they are a law unto themselves!


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