Week 39 pregnancy update (I got my weeks wrong last week!)


Yes baby brain had well and truly kicked in when I wrote last week’s update – I was 38 weeks gone not 39! So today I am 39 weeks pregnant – #7daystogo

It’s been a funny old week:

High blood pressure and goodbye to the maternity-led unit

Blood Pressure remains high and quite unpredicatable so saw the consultant a week ago and had my BP checked every couple of days since – this means I’m definitely going to be consultant-led which I was a bit gutted about after having seen the midwife-led unit and dreaming of a relaxing, home-from-home, natural labour…

Oh and we also had an unexpected scan where the sonographer laughed as she said ‘it’s measuring big’ eeeeek! At 38 weeks, the head was measuring at 42 weeks and it also has a big tummy but normal length legs…..

I’m still hoping for as natural birth as possible but obviously being consultant-led (and the potential of a big baby!) increases the chance of intervention so I’ve been reading up a bit on epidurals (good for lowering blood pressure), assisted deliveries and C-sections just in case any of these happen!

I’ve got to keep remembering that the important thing is Bean arrives safely… it doesn’t matter how! (And so many people have told me how they’ve got measurements so wrong!)

Goodbye work, hello leisure!

A week in, and I’ve already forgotten how to do my job! If it wasn’t for the high blood pressure I would have been checking in on emails etc but I’ve forced myself to switch off and it has been lovely!

I’ve had a mix of relaxing and keeping busy…

  • Good Friday – sunny so I spent most of the day in the garden, dug up some dead flowers then sat in the sun reading
  • Saturday – met up with my parents in Brecon including a lovely lunch at Tipple and Tiffins and a relaxing boat trip down the canal – highlight was seeing some cute ducklings!
  • Easter Sunday – a big dinner at the in-laws, yum yum!
  • Easter Monday – another sunny day so sat in the garden again reading, sis came to stay over and we watched Frozen.. brilliant!
  • Tuesday – sis came with me to my BP test at the hospital then we had a look round some shops (including the adorable clothes at Next and Mammas and Pappas!) and a delicious lunch in the new Pieminister shop in Cardiff
  • Wednesday – lovely lunch with my mate Gemma at Corner House, and stocked up in Poundland and Boots on some toiletries for my hospital bag.. and cleaning products…. #Nesting! Also briefly caught up with my mate Zoe and my god-daughter who is a very cute 14 month old, starting to talk a lot – she took great delight in pulling my top up and down to see and then hide Bean!
  • Thursday – BP check, Tesco shop then a lovely day chilling at home followed by a dinner at Penarth Pier 64 with Ceri and Shell – good food and great location, definitely want to go back there!


canal-side Bean at 38+1 weeks
canal-side Bean at 38+1 weeks

Other weekly updates:

Stretchmarks: still none 🙂

Baby’s movements: still a wriggly little (or big!) thing

Sleep: I seem to wake up about 4-5am every night. Once I’m awake whether that be 6, 7 or 8 then I can’t get back to sleep – my body must be getting me ready for this upcoming sleep deprivation! Last night was the worst – woke up at 3 and eventually got up at 5.30!

Gifts: a lovely girl I met on a mums-to-be Facebook group sent me a breast pump for free as she already has one so didn’t need it, bless her!

Tommee Tippee breast pump - gift of the week!
Tommee Tippee breast pump – gift of the week!

Purchases for me –

  • some pumps from Next – *needed* some comfy shoes!
Comfy summer shoes from Next
Comfy summer shoes from Next
  • couple of maternity t-shirts from eBay
  • a variety of energy snacks for labour
  • toiletries for hospital – spare deodorant, toothbrush etc so I don’t forget to pack mine etc
  • datesI read this article about the benefits of eating dates in late pregnancy, including lowering blood pressure so I might have left it too late but will give it a try nonetheless!


Purchases for Bean – this adorable elephant from Tiger for just £4! (the nursery is still WIP but we’re trying to give it an elephant feel)

Purchase of the week - Elephant from Tiger (£4)
Purchase of the week – Elephant from Tiger (£4)

and some hats from Tesco as we only had 1 hat and apparently they need to wear them a lot (got 2 sizes in case he/she really does have a big head ;))

Hospital hats for Bean!
Hospital hats for Bean!

So, 1 week to go…. wonder when Bean will make his/her big appearance?!

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20 thoughts on “Week 39 pregnancy update (I got my weeks wrong last week!)”

  1. We were consultant led because we were expecting twins and an early delivery. Our consultant was really lovely and informative though. I was a bit disappointed that we had to be transferred to a different hospital 25 miles away as it meant our consultant wouldn’t be delivering our babies, but as you say as long as they arrive safely if doesn’t matter.

    It sounds as though you’re keeping yourself busy and preparing for the sleep deprivation!!

    Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky


  2. Exciting times, glad you’ve been able to have some nice days on your mat leave. You’re absolutely right, as long as bean arrives safely it’s all good. I have everything crossed for you in the coming days!xxx


  3. So close to meeting little bean! It soundsd. My first was measuring really big and wasn’t quite as big as they thought so hopefully bean will fit in the littlest bits you have bought. I love the cushion, a Tiger has just opened near me and I need to go and check it out!


    1. Thanks bex, funnily enough the community midwife measured bean yesterday and said he/she was on the small side so god knows now lol! At least he/she is defo a healthy size 🙂

      And yes check out tiger when you get the chance… It’s amazing! I think you have to snap things up when you see them as they had some nice house things that were gone when I went back this week!
      Thanks for calling by xx


  4. How exciting that you are nearly there! 40 weeks goes so quickly! Going on maternity leave must be such a good feeling. i have a few months more left of mine and Im already dreading going back to work. Im trying really hard not to think about it and just enjoy time with my baby girl.
    Wishing you all the best, for a safe delivery.
    lots of love ali
    ps love the new pumps xxx


    1. Thanks Ali! It has been lovely so far, the calm before the storm…. I wonder how I’ll feel about going back!
      Just been looking at your lovely blog 🙂
      Ps still wearing them round the house just in case I need to take them back… All good so far but do you ever find comfy shoes sometimes rub really bad?! Or is that just me?! 🙂


    1. not yet as I’m looking to having the next couple of days off but come #duedate I think I will try anything/everything 🙂
      Did you try anything that worked for you?!xx


  5. Wow only 7 days to go! You must be so excited!!! I was consultant led in both my pregnancies. I had a natural birth with my first and an emergency C Section with my second, so anything is possible. Wishing you all the luck in the world!

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x


  6. I think you’ve read my post about my hospital hypnobirth. It’s perfectly possible to have a calm natural birth in the labour ward, if you want want. Make sure you have a good birth plan. But as you say, the most important thing is your baby arriving safe and sound.
    Well done for managing to relax a bit this week. I bet you’re do excited! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your news
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky


  7. This is so exciting! Youre almost there and its really nice to get ready with the rooms and small details cuz when you give birth you wont have any time to do them anymore. Oh and we call our Bean Bean too =) #binkylinky


    1. thanks Merlinda – I definitely am enjoying this time before Bean arrives as I know it will be mad afterwards! so glad I took 2 weeks off before my due date, couldn’t imagine working right up until it now!
      Hello from my Bean to your Bean! thanks for calling by #binkylinky


  8. Fabulous post! I never made it to 39 weeks (S was born at 35) but I think your attitude is spot on – the most important part is that Bean gets here safely! So many people make a birthing plan and are wedded to it, and then feel awfully let down if things don’t go to plan.
    Also omg just realised this post was published a week ago – which means you are due any minute! Good luck!!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!


    1. Thanks chick, you might like my birth story roundup post from this week , you’ll have to add yours in if you wrote one… I ‘m still swotting up 🙂
      Thanks for calling by #weekendbloghop


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